Why I blog


As a kid I always wanted to one of those people who could write a diary.  I tried and tried to fill notebook after notebook, but quickly realised that I only used them to make scheduled timed to do lists. Yup…that scary anal kid turned into a scary anal adult. I still make time scheduled lists, but I now have realised that it’s okay not to schedule bathroom breaks and to let them happen naturally….I am getting better….see?

For me the reason why I blog has evolved as much as the physical blog itself. I began blogging as an outreach. I had had a time in my life where I had become very hermit like, shunning company to sleep and generally be a downward-spiralling miserable faceache. I began my blog when I moved to a new part of the country, where I knew pretty much nobody, to ensure I didn’t get that way again. As time has gone on, blogging for me has become a social thing that I can do wearing my jimjams. Don’t you just love that?

Shinypigeon colombia

I have a very people-orientated job and sometimes the thought of actually having to see ACTUAL people of an evening makes me cringe…. please note actual people do not include people who see me without make-up regularly…those people are special people….and strong-stomached…. and not around as much as I would love.

I blog now because I can’t imagine not. I like having something that is purely mine…. P has his photography and computing genius…I have my crochet, my sewing machine and my little old blog. It’s a hobby I can’t kick.

I can’t say I will love it forever…sometimes I find it hard to write as much as I would like and my own comparisons to other big beautiful blogs out there is endlessly frustrating… but I love it right now….and that’s why I blog.



10 responses to “Why I blog

  1. Blogging due to not being able to stop blogging sounds very reasonable to me. These often make the best blogs, as you can feel the urgency behind the writer’s words.

  2. I’m glad you blog. I automatically scroll through my emails to see if you’ve posted something new. You’re a talented woman (I can’t imagine crocheting the cute tiny things you do), putting together the outfits you do and doing over your house all frugally and tastefully. As long as you blog I;m going to keep reading and admiring and learning. So … thank you.

  3. I for one am very glad that you do – and long may it continue!


  4. I am very glad that you blog, Bex- you make me laugh lots! I feel exactly the same about my blog nowadays; couldn’t be without it. Sometimes I get a bit sad I don’t have 20 million followers but then I remember how excited I used to get about having 20 hits in a day and that I should be bloomin’ grateful there are so many kindhearted people out there who want to read my womblings. Glad you’re keeping it up, girl- as you say, there are so few ways of socialising in pyjamas these days :p xxx

  5. Fran suggested to me the other day a Google Hangout in our pjs! Love love love that blogging can bring such joy to all of us and many of the reasons you talked about are reasons for me too. I love that it is my hobby too.

    Happy blogging – you’re pretty awesome at it.

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