Bananas are officially disgusting…

That yellow fruit you savour on your lunch break? It’s flipping gross. I have always hated it, for as long as I can remember. I have tried it as a child…hated it. As a teeenager…hated it. And as an adult..nearly vomited and the smell makes me gag. So why…oh the hell why did I think I would try to make a smoothie with it in?

I love Innocent smoothies and they always feature a banana buried in there, but I can’t taste them…hence the love and non-vom. So when I saw that the lovely Laura over at Wrapped Up in Rainbows had created a Pina Colada smoothie…I drew in breath and dared to dream. I have loved Pina Coladas since my holiday last August to Colombia. Just the scent of coconut puts me back on that beach in the bath temperature water… it does mean that all my shower products stink to high heaven of coconut now…

Pina Colada smoothie banana hate

Look how innocent this looks…in it’s glass… looking all coconutty.

I took one gulp and nearly threw up in my kitchen sink… BANANA! You sly and horrid fruit…you managed to drown out all the yummy pineapple and coconut…

P loved it though and gulped the whole lot down.

If you like banana…pop over to Laura’s blog and make her smoothie! Also..have a look at the rest of her posts, she’s a doll!



7 responses to “Bananas are officially disgusting…

  1. I’d have had the same reaction as you – but not because of the bananas, I love those. Pineapple on the other hand – yuck. Can’t bear the sight, smell or taste of them and lets not even talk about the texture!

  2. I frigging hate bananas!!! OMG they are just gross!!!!!!

    Love your banana hating buddy x

  3. Oh I agree, I was happy to find that I can no longer taste banana in innocent smoothies (I used to hate even them because I could taste it). Don’t think I’ll be trying the smoothie either as I don’t like banana, and I’m sorry to say I don’t like coconut either!

  4. So glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about bananas

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