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I nearly wee’d I was so excited when I spotted on Twitter that Sew Scrumptious Louise had launched her newest business venture…she has opened an online fabric shop, Sew Scrumptious Fabrics… I KNOW RIGHT?!
I cannot be the only one who obsesses about pretty and quirky fabrics can I? I love fabric. My collection of odds, ends, sheets and scraps is getting out of hand….and now Lousie has come along just to tempt me.
I just had to get her to tell us a bit more about it!
Hi! So, to start, give us the basics…
My name is Louise and I Iive in a small town called Nailsea not far from Bristol. I’m now the wrong side of 40 and have 2 young children age 4 and 7. I have just launched Sew Scrumptious Fabrics, an online fabric shop selling the quirky and contemporary fabrics that I love and use for my own sewing projects.
I write a sewing blog called Sew Scrumptious where I talk about all things fabric and sewing related. I also co-ordinate the ‘Dress A Girl Around the World’ charity in the UK encouraging people who can sew to make dresses for girls in developing countries. We have collected over 4,000 so far!
Why did you decide to start your own business?
I’ve always been a bit of a fabric addict and have been making and selling fabric gifts for children for the last few years on a part time basis. My youngest child started school last year so it seemed a great time to set up a proper small business doing something that I love. I wanted to be around for my children so I needed something that fitted in around school hours. Selling fabric online seemed to make sense and a well timed tax rebate from a previous job made it possible to start up and order my first fabrics. My partner always joked that I had enough fabric to start a shop anyway!!
What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
The flexibility. I can decide what happens and when. It works well with having a young family as I can work whilst they are at school and then again in the evenings if I need to. I am doing something that I really, really love. I enjoy the fabric side of things obviously, choosing and ordering fabrics that I think people will love. Receiving boxfuls of fabric is still such a treat, but running the website and the social media side of things is also very interesting to me. I enjoy using my blog plus facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to connect with fellow fabric addicts and spread the word about our lovely fabrics. I also love discovering gorgeous handmade products and being able to share them and support other small businesses.
What is the least enjoyable thing?
It is a bit of a risk. The success of the website is all down to me really which is scary if I think about it too much!
What is your favourite item that you have in stock right now?
I absolutely LOVE two of the Sarah Watts fabrics for Blend that have recently arrived. Blend fabrics are new to me so I have never used them before and I just love the subtle colours and designs.
Timber_Leaf_Brush_Bear_Ivory__83882.1363710928.386.513 Timber_Leaf_Playful_Fox__46561.1363710699.1280.1280
(Click the images to buy! Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!)
They are really beautiful and I am trying to decide what I can make with them! I’m looking forward to getting lots of new Blend fabrics in over the next few months.
Do you have any advice for those following in your footsteps?
Go for it! If you have the chance and are able to follow your dreams then you should give it a shot. Its very exciting and also very scary but thats a good thing!

Isn’t Lousie fab? To add to her fabness she is offering all my lovely readers 10% off at the checkout….I KNOW RIGHT?!


You can chat to Lousie on her blog, her Twitter, on Pinterest and on Facebook..she is rocking social media!



5 responses to “Sew Scrumptious Fabrics

  1. Thank you SO much for the lovely blog post. I really appreciate being mentioned on your lovely blog! Thanks for saying such nice things about my fabrics too!! xx

  2. Yay another fabric shop! In my opinion there can never be too many 🙂 Lovely to hear more about Louise and her life x

  3. Wow, I am going to hold off looking until payday because I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

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