DIY bedroom decor

As we are still settling into our house, I have been adding decor as and when I feel I need a change. Some pieces will stay, some will go….I am all about the flow of decor at the moment.

With this in mind and a set of battery powered fairy lights in hand, I created a little romantic something to go above our bed.

CIMG9963 Over the bed DIY

I don’t have a lamp my side of the bed (damn 1960’s house has a solitary plug socket on the OTHER side of the room – P has a solar lamp for this reason), so I use these little fairy lights to change and put on my night cream without waking his lordship and I can click them off once I hit the hay.

The signs are from our DIY Engagement shoot and the photo is from our first few months together as a couple.

It took me all of three minutes to assemble… whaddaya think?



4 responses to “DIY bedroom decor

  1. It’s adorable 🙂 Love those signs too- you guys are the cutest!

    I know full well about changing decor- we’re nearly finished in our house now and I’m actually quite sad I don’t have any more excuses to trawl through second hand furniture shops to find The Perfect Cupboard.

    I have a little portable bunny nightlight T bought me which I use for the same reason. I do feel very funny practically crawling into our huuuge wardrobe by the light of a bunny; it’s as if I’m looking for Narnia! xx

  2. Aww both pretty and practical (and very cute too!)

  3. Very pretty – it’s amazing how much fairy lights change the look of a room!
    {mental note…must buy some for our bedroom}
    Love the signs too – really quirky! 🙂 x

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