Emergency Car Kit

I love organising. I will hold my hands up and do epic jazz hands to draw attention to my apparent problem, but being organised means that I feel calmer and generally smug.

Today I am going to share with you my Emergency Car Kit. When I cleared out the car there seemed to be a plethora of crap that I needed ‘just in case’…. time to cram it all in a bag to stop the spread…

In car Kit organisation

(From L-R, Top to bottom)

Body Shop Wash Bag – This houses the items and sits nicely in the passenger side door.

Sterile Latex gloves, CPR Resuscitation Shield & Plasters – I am a trained first aider, and it seems stupid NOT to have these in the car. As the daughter, sister and soon to be wife of bikers, having first aid bits in the car is important to me.

Antibac Gel – To make sure we are germ free before car picnics.

Dog treats – For woof based emergencies (read I forgot to pick up the treat bag before our trip out….) He is so food motivated!

Hair Grips & Ties – For hair fixes when we are already on the move.

Little Silver Tin of Goodness – My Stepmum makes amazing solid moisturiser bars and I keep a little one in the car for EVERYTHING! Dry skin, grotty cuticles, sunburn…the lot.

Gum – For chewing…duh

Nail File – I ALWAYS break a nail on the mad rush out the door before a big event.

Pen – For scribbling those last-minute greetings cards on the way…

Vaseline – The teeeeeeniest pot of vaseline for our lips.

Hairbrush & Mirror – This is a flip out job because I always manage to look like an actual train wreck when we travel.

Sewing Kit – For clothing catastrophes

Poo bags – For woof (not people)

Contact Lenses – For P’s dodgy eyes when he doesn’t want to wear his glasses.

There are normally some sort of sweets in there too….time to restock the Werther’s!

Anything you would add extra to yours?





One response to “Emergency Car Kit

  1. Ive always got a Route -planner book in our car ( a bit too big for the glovebox) mints and some change for parking meters. :o)

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