Thrifty Find: At The Car Boot

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Last weekend I de-virginised my lovely friend Olivia, by taking her to her first proper car boot sale. Car boots are the highlight of my summer and they fling me back to my childhood as many a Sunday morning was spent skipping along the rows with my parents, peering at people’s belongings, hoping to find some treasure.

I didn’t take my camera along, as this was my first of the season and I really wanted to enjoy it fully without peering through a lens. I can show you all the wonderful bits I bought though…

Car boot finds curtains

Half a pair of curtains

Olivia and I were on the hunt for fabric, so when we saw a pair of curtains for £2, we decided to divvy them up. I love this fabric…can’t wait to make my owls with them!

Car boot finds buttonsCar boot finds elephant buttons


Oh my god…there were so many buttons…please look at the gorgeous little elephant ones….dreamy! I really shouldn’t get so excited by buttons but I really do…I have a problem. These are going to be made into magnets that I sell on my craft stall. Am tempted to start selling them on the online shop too…thoughts?

Car boot finds leopard print Car boot finds floral Car boot finds ditsy print Car boot finds


I managed to get a ditsy print tea dress, a pair of bright floral shorts and a leopard print cardigan for £4. My top tip is to always look for the really trendy girl sellers, most of their stuff is only last season…which come on…is pretty much the same as this season!

Car boot finds platter

A massive platter

£3.50 for a huge china platter. I am in love. It joins the vintage ones I have from P’s mum, passed down from her mum.

Car boot finds cake stand

A cake stand

Hurrah! Another one to add to the wedding stash! I managed to haggle them to £4.

Car boot finds tigger

An ‘as big as Chekhov’ Tigger

No…I haven’t lost the plot and rekindled my love for A.A. Milne…and for those with a sensitive disposition towards teddies should look away now. I bought this big fella for his stuffing. I spent the afternoon slitting his stitches and emptying his insides. Yes…I am a plushie murderer.

Tigger stuffing

For £2.50 I have managed to get 2 large bags of stuffing and saved him going in the landfill. Win for me…win for the environment. Hooooray!

The only problem I can see with car boots is they are so regular and chock full of goodies that I will ALWAYS bring something home!

What is your car boot kryptonite? Mine HAS to be buttons…I could spend an hour just running my fingers through them! I know…issues…




7 responses to “Thrifty Find: At The Car Boot

  1. Aaaaw! How could you? Bless him!

  2. Love the cake stand! Poor tigger though! Are you going to restuff him with off cuts or something?! Or make him into some kind of outfit for Chekov?!

  3. Wow what a fab haul. Car boots round here tend to be full of cr*p. Im another that hopes the rest of tigger gets to be made into something else so his soul can live on, sniff! :o)

  4. I went to a car boot at the weekend and got a gorgeous gold frame and a pair of vintage diamante earrings for £5. I think this is gonna be my new favourite weekend thing to do!

  5. That platter is AMAZING. Excellent finds, lady. xx

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