Lately in May

Shinypigeon at Eden Project

Watching – Nashville. Ohmygodiloveit. It really makes me want to listen to country music all the time though….I am not sure how P is going to take to this!

Consuming – books again. I seem to flit through stages where I devour novel after novel and then I have a total break where I can’t seem to find the time or the inclination to use my eyeballs. I have currently just finished The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo, a freebie job on the kindle, but now I am hooked and I want the rest of the trilogy! I love finding new authors this way!

Obsessing over – My garden. My little patch of actual heaven. We have made some real progress recently…I will do a proper post on it soon, showing you how much work we have done since November.

Creating – stock box refills. I have finally managed to find some time to enjoy crochet again. It became a little forced for a while whilst I was trying to create stock again after my first fair of the year (which wiped me out! Hooray!). I have already set myself a new schedule where I create a certain amount of stock, and then I just make to replenish as well as custom orders. I also have to start making for Christmas soon…and if last year is any indication, it will be busy. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to – Next weekend. Golly, it is going to be a full on one with my first dress fitting, drinks with my caterer (who is also my Mum’s best friend!), seeing my lovely ladies, doing a craft fair and then popping down to the coast to see some web friends for tea and cake. EPIC.

How is May looking for you? Thank goodness the weather has arrived eh?!



8 responses to “Lately in May

  1. What a lovely picture of you!

    My May consists of preparing an ice cream party for G’s birthday (at his request), yarn bombing some bike parts for a Bike festival in Cambridge, saving hard for a new e-reader/tablet and continuing my Spring clear out which has been EPIC!

    I am ashamed to say I will also be ringing my gardener as I’m utterly shocking at anything which requires green fingers and the dandelions have appeared out of nowhere!

    Have a super weekend x

  2. work, work, work – boo, but also playing in my garden – big YAY, getting seedlings sown (veggies and flowers) and watching my lovely bulbs (especially the tulips and daffies) come into bloom – they always make me smile. :o)

  3. You look mega happy in your pic – and your post is so upbeat – I can feel the sunshine coming through. Thanks for the light. Cx

  4. did you get that purse from the Indie Darling shop. SO CUTE!!

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