Ask me anything

So my gorgeous readers… I thought I would let you call the shots and get you to ask me anything that you have been wondering about little old me that I haven’t mentioned in my About page.

413_10152193138325Shinypigeon eating candyfloss with cutlery524_1062510815_n

Pop your questions in the comment box below and I will answer them fully next week!

And yes….I am eating candyfloss with cutlery…





6 responses to “Ask me anything

  1. Who would win in a fight – HTB or The Dog?

  2. Hahaha look at you being all classy with your cutlery. Brilliant.

    Hmmm… questions, questions. I think I’m going to hold off until I see you (eep!) on Sunday and then ask you anything I forget to on here. xx

  3. If you were to give one bit of advice to someone starting their own crafting business what would it be?

  4. I spent a while trying to come up with spending profound and insightful. It didn’t work! Ill go with a classic: If you could have three wishes what would they be? I have mine worked out!

  5. What’s the whole process of setting up your own business (tax purposes-wise) like… apart from tricky! Do-able? 🙂

  6. What’s your day job? Do you want to run your business full time one day?

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