The Garden – An Update

So we have been pretty immersed in gardening recently…I blame that half week of gorgeous weather that alluded to a possible summer for spurring us on.

We arrived to our new home to something akin to the scene from Jumanji when the vines take over the house. When making the decision to buy it, my husband to be foolishly uttered the words ‘the garden will just take an afternoon’…

I have spent most of my winter out in the rain, swashbuckling with wild bamboo and brambles to try to tame the jungle and turn it into a space we want to spend time in.

Before - what to put in your compost binThis was November last year…and honestly I wish we had taken a picture from the other end facing the house, because the worst of it is out of shot.

The Garden updateAnd this is how it currently looks out of my window! We still have a long way to go, but I love looking at the before and ‘so far’ shots to remind myself how much work we have really done over this quite wet and gross winter.

The Garden updateI even have borders now! Eeeeeek.

The twig in the barrel is a dwarf pear tree…so tempted to buy a dwarf apple or apricot too. I would adore a mini orchard. Roll on my first harvest!

SignaturePS – I am well aware this blog post seems to have been written by someone’s Nan, but honest…I drank a lot of gin whilst gardening…I am still rock and roll!…well a bit.




5 responses to “The Garden – An Update

  1. This is awesome! I really need ideas and inspirations for my future garden now 🙂

  2. Looking brilliant so far, well done both of you. :o)

  3. Mini apricot tree sounds amazing! And now I want one for when I get my garden in 3 weeks 🙂

  4. That greenhouse is so sparkly on the after shot!

  5. Good work you guys!! I’m so impressed! It looks lovely 🙂

    Our garden progress is the other way round- when we moved in it was BEAUTIFUL thanks to green-fingered OAP previous owners who’d been retired/on the sick for 20ish years. Now it’s just… sad. Every now and again I go and hack at things with shears; but it’s OK because I’ve got a secret plan…


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