Ask Me Anything – The Answers

Ask me anything! blog post

Hi all,

Thank youy for your lovely questions over the past week….here are my answers!

Who would win in a fight – HTB or The Dog?  ~ Tom

I would have to say the HTB. He is actually turning into quite a good dog parent, so is a a formidable force when it comes to taking on the puppy.

If you were to give one bit of advice to someone starting their own crafting business what would it be? ~ Emma

Value your products and your time. When I first started out I charged far too little (some of my friends still say I charge too little) for my creations and I was only making 54p after postage…dire dire dire. I still wonder if I charge enough for my time, but looking back I should have charged a lot more when I started out…I am still recouping the costs of that mistake!

Also don’t be frightened to change your mind. If you are making products that aren’t working or you don’t have a buzz for anymore…do something different. Your customers will only buy what you sell with glee and a grin on your face.

If you could have three wishes what would they be? – Elly

I guess we are abiding by Aladdin Genie rules?

1: My first wish would be for a time turner ala Harry Potter. I have so much stuff I need to get done at home whilst I am at work, so I could do with popping back in time for an hour or two to get some chores done so I can actually enjoy my life.

2: My second wish would be to have a teleporter ala Star Trek. I would love to be able to beam instantly to see the people I love without the travelling time in between.

3: My last wish would be to know exactly what sort of life that Chekhov had before he was rescued. If only we knew what he has been through to make him such an anxious and fearful boy, then we could know how to make him feel better.

What’s the whole process of setting up your own business (tax purposes-wise) like… apart from tricky! Do-able? – mancunianvintage

To be honest that is a WHOLE other post. As my business currently earns under the threshold I don’t have to pay tax…(phew). It is actually not too scary a process and after you have registered as self-employed and registered yourself for tax, you feel a big weight off your shoulders. Have a lookie loo here at the’s help section…they talk you through it. I will do a post about this in the future though if others are interested!

What’s your day job? Do you want to run your business full time one day? – Vicky

I work as a Teaching Assistant for the Education department of a Secure Unit for Young People. I work with ages ranging from aged 10 to 17. These young people are often quite volatile, aggressive and emotionally damaged. They have often been sexually exploited, have taken drugs and drink heavily, avoided school for years, and quite often are prolific self harmers. I work there full time during term time and have a really good relationship with all the YP’s I work with, in the sometimes short time they stay with us. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I hope in the future to do my teaching qualification and continue to help young people rediscover their self-confidence and their love of learning.

I would love to run my business full time, but as I make and create each item by hand I think it is a dream that may never be acheivable. Perhaps part time… I dream of my own little shop, perhaps with a few other lovely bits and bobs made by crafty folks adorning the shelves…le sigh…..

Thank you so much for your questions!



4 responses to “Ask Me Anything – The Answers

  1. Your face looks ace. Good to find out more about you too! xx

  2. I have to comment solely on the photo … your eyes look incredible 🙂 And your job sounds amazing

    make sure to enter my giveaway for a Starbucks gift card!

  3. Lovely photo and really interesting answers! I’ve just opened an Etsy shop and am learning about how to keep accounts and sort out the tax so your advice was useful.

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