3 months to go…

3 months till our weddingIn exactly 3 months I shall be walking down the aisle towards this man.

I haven’t really been excited about our wedding day…not excited you exclaim…yeah…I have had my DSM hat on and I have been planning this wedding like a full blown musical witha cast of 100. So I have been worrying, expectant, stressed, concerned, looking forward to but not really butterflies-in-your-tummy excited…. until last Saturday, when I had my make up and hair trial with the gorgeous Miss Lauren. She made me look uh-flipping-mazing and it took all I had not to crash my car on the way home from gawping at myself in the rear view mirror. Vain? Moi? Never…..

I actually feel like things are beginning to fall into place…I have been delegating and I even took some decorations into work for the kids to help me. Check out my self improvement. I can’t believe how quickly it is racketing towards us… anyone want to pause June and July for me so I can feel a little more prepared?!



3 responses to “3 months to go…

  1. Goodness that’s come round quickly! Hope you get everything done in time (I’m sure you will)


  2. Wow getting close now! Glad you absolutely loved your hair and makeup trial, that’s one thing off your mind! 🙂 Good luck with everything you have left to plan 🙂

  3. It is good you have the butterflies thing, it is a sign of brilliant organisation, well done for worrying about practical things that early and for delegating.

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