Thrifty Find: Succulent Succulents

Thrifty Find header thrifty find Succulents in a glass bowl (1)

I won’t lie…I was on the the hunt for a simple glass fruit bowl. This little beauty cost me a mere £2.50 from one of the more upmarket charity shops in the area…if there is such a thing as an upmarket charity shop. I personally prefer the ones that look like a house clearance…I love the challenge of a rummage. Give me a slightly musty and grubby charity shop and I will be happy for hours.

I had this beauty set aside in my mind for a special use. P’s mum had gifted me a massive tray of succulents when we moved in and they have been growing away in the greenhouse, wasted on just my peepers. I thought it was time they graduated into the house.

Succulents in a glass bowl (2)Succulents in a glass bowl (3)

Don’t they look gorgeous on my kitchen windowsill?

Succulents in a glass bowl (4)

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3 responses to “Thrifty Find: Succulent Succulents

  1. OOoh what the hell?! I didn’t even notice that on the window-sill!

    Good hiding.

  2. I love succulents too, and they are so easy. Love what u did with the fruit bowl 🙂 x

  3. They look lovely! I’m feeling more and more compelled to jump (carefully) onto the cactus train; the blogosphere seems to be succulent crazy at the moment and they *might* even be robust enough for me to look after them! xx

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