Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures gardening Simple pleasures baking simple pleasures the sunshine simple pleasures sewing

I am enjoying the recent influx of vitamin D we are experiencing, and I am getting out in my garden to battle slugs every second I get. When I am not murdering slugs, you can find me baking, wearing flip-flops and making oodles more bunting for our wedding… le sigh…. if only I didn’t have to go to work as well….oh to be a kept woman….

What is your simple pleasure?



4 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. What lovely looking cake is that? (and is there any left if I’m quick…)

  2. Sewing, reading and gardening :o)

  3. This week – cake (coffee flavour, left over from weekend BBQ), a lot of cheese-based dinners, awful Jennifer Aniston movies, and blogs with House Tours. Tom’s away on business all week and I’ve decided to pretend it’s a fun excuse for an extended Girls Night. Instead of a thing that makes me want to sellotape myself to him and be damned with the consequences :p xxx

  4. My simple pleasures are baking and trawling charity shops. That cake looks lovely; funny how other people’s pics of cakes look more appetising than your own!

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