5 Rainy Day Activities

Ok, ok…so it is sunny outside right now…but they are coming people…like day turns to night…we are going to be having some rainy days sooner or later… time to plan for them.

Rainy Day ideas

1: Read a book

Be it a real ‘sniff it, it smells amazing’ book or a digital number, get your face in some fiction. I honestly can’t think of a better way to while away an hour or two, caught up in the lives of someone else. Think of it as super classy Jeremy Kyle for literary types.

2: Cook/Bake

How about using your rainy day to bake a massive cake? Could there be a better way to spend it? I also use rainy days to get ahead on my cooking for the upcoming week. Anything you can prepare in advance can save you trouble during the week or on a unusually busy day.

3: Reorganise a room/cupboard

Choose a cupboard… clear it out. Make a space work better for you by rearranging it to your ease. I do this all the time and I love how streamlined I can make my life. Why make things hard for yourself? Really…there are enough people in life to do that for you.

4: Go do cultured stuff

Go visit a museum, an art gallery, a National Trust property…or bugger it, go to the aquarium. Just get off your bum, put a rain coat on and jump in the car and do something!

5: Say sod it and build a ruddy fort

Some rainy days are not worth saving….so put your jammies back on, build a blanket fort and watch musicals/wrestling/old movies/Disney ALLLL DAY…only releasing yourself from your fort for toilet breaks and fetching more armloads of food.



2 responses to “5 Rainy Day Activities

  1. This is an excellent list. Perfect for rainy days, or any other days. If you add “eat cheese” as point number 6, this basically sums up everything I do, ever. xxx

  2. Heh. Love the idea of the blanket fort!

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