Chekhov Chats: Why you should rescue…

So you have decided to get a four-legged furry barking addition to your household?

I am here to urge you to choose to rescue a dog, rather than buy a puppy.

Chekhov chats - why rescue a dog

I am aware that us rescue dogs come with a bit of stigma. You don’t know what has happened to us before, we have been affected by our previous owners, we don’t understand why we have been abandoned or given away (it feels the same both ways you know)….in short, we aren’t a blank canvas.

But most of us are ok, you know. We aren’t all aggressive or uncontrollable. Some of us just need a little patience and time. Some of us had owners who died, got divorced or who have left the country. Some of us need lots of love to help us forget what happened to us before. We all just need owners who are going to put in the time and effort….the same time and effort you would put into a bought puppy.

With a rescue, you aren’t starting from scratch. If it hadn’t been for a nasty tummy bug I had when I arrived home, I would have been fully house-trained…a win for Mum…..and although I had zero commands when my parents rescued me…which is really unusual…. it has only taken me 4 months to learn more than most dogs we meet out on our walks.

Also…we honestly love you more. Some of us have really seen the bad side of humans and after having experiencing living in kennels, we truly appreciate when we have a good, loving and safe pack to come home to. As a rescue myself, I cannot tell you how much I adore my family. I would follow them to the ends of the earth. I was terrified of everything before I came home for the first time, due to being poorly socialized and possibly abused, but after lots of gentle and controlled exposure to the world, I am really doing well in all situations and bringing lots of joy to our house.

why choose a rescue dog

With a puppy, you have no idea how they will turn out, but when you rescue, you already have a good idea of what kind of personality your dog will have. Thankfully, there are some mental families (like mine) who are willing to take on more of a challenge, but some of my kennel mates where aces and ready for any owner to bring home. Most of them even like cats (weirdos).

Reputable rescues will try to match you with a compatible woof too, as they don’t want any dogs to be returned. I am glad I won’t be seeing the inside of a kennel any time ever.

There are so many wonderful woofs waiting for homes, needing love, ready for cuddles without more being born into this world just for people to make money…so please…go check out your local rescue centres before making the decision to buy over rescue.

Lots of licks

C xx


3 responses to “Chekhov Chats: Why you should rescue…

  1. Chekhov is very cute! We can’t home a dog at the moment but if our circumstances ever change, we’d definately rehome a rescue dog.
    We have a local Cats and Dogs Home only 5 minutes walk from where I work! 🙂 x

  2. Hi Cheks. Love when you have time to post. I have had a rescue dog when I was a Singleton but the rescue centre were not good. They sent him to me with an injured tail and the move made him so distressed that he chewed half his tail off. I was very upset and freaked (my first attempt at dog owning) and had to return the poor pooch to the centre. Once I got over that I bought a puppy. We have a Lucy dog who is a lovely grumpy scottie. If we didn’t have a dog we would like a rescue but have 2 kids and 1 on the way (we think we are rabbits not humans in this house) and so lots of rescues can’t be housed with children 😦 we are very pleased you have a lovely home now xx

  3. I have 2 dogs that we got as pups but I would love to have more from rescue centres – I can’t even go near the places as I want to bring all the dogs home. I used to volunteer at the Dog’s Trust and it broke my heart 😦

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