Mary Poppins 2

I was going to blog a lovely blog post today spinning fanciful yarns about only having 8 weeks till my wedding…blah blah blah.

Then this morning I realised that I could apply for a teaching placement at a local school (which is amazing). So cue me acting like a complete crazy person all day, with a montage of me phoning universities to see if my BA(hons) in Acting was relevant to teach English at Secondary.

Apparently they consider it…one would hope so after all the Shakespeare and text analysis we did!

So also cue me telling my manager what I was applying for and that, though very unlikely I would get the application in on time/even get an interview/I would beat the ‘one with the first in English Literature’ (there is bound to be one eh?)… I may not be back in September…..just 9 weeks away….just a small bombshell…

So on top of working my normal 8-4, tutoring for an hour on a Monday night, dog walks and planning THE wedding of the decade, I am now writing about myself in the third person about how amazing I am, the million and 6 things I do on top of my actual job at work and why I should be allowed to teach To Kill a Mockingbird to KS3 & 4.

So…life here is full on…

I don’t make it easy for myself do I?





5 responses to “ARGH!

  1. Will be keeping everything crossed you get it Bex; you’d be ace! xx

  2. Best of luck with the job app/ wedding countdown – fingers crossed!

  3. That’s a busy life all right. All the best for the job application!

  4. Hope all goes well with the application x

  5. Good luck dude! All or nothing eh?! x

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