HArvest our grow your own

We have begun seeing the fruits of our labour! Having spent 7 months clearing and weeding, it is so nice to see our garden giving back.
These little beauties are in hanging pots outside the front door. P grabs a ripe one on his way in every time!

So far our garden has yielded cress, lettuce, potatoes, mint, and strawberries. Not bad for a serious tidying up and stripping back project eh?
I am so excited to see how our courgettes and runners turn out too.

And no…this post wasn’t written by a nana…. just in case you wondered.



3 responses to “Harvest

  1. Good work Pigeons! We have raspberries (inherited from previous owners), chives, mint and thyme. Although the herbs were very recent additions and (knowing our anti-gardening skills) probably won’t survive til the weekend! xxx

  2. Excellent progress. Im getting lots of lettuce out of my garden, but the slugs have had all the radishes, potatoes, carrots and peas look good so far but no produce yet.
    Btw cant beleive youve been in the house over 7 months already, where has that time gone! :o)

  3. Hurrah for the lovely fruit fest! Also, don’t forget you can still pick Elderflowers and make some cordial and it’s free (if you have the time of course).


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