I’m back vlogging!

Hello gorgeous readers…and watchers…

I had sort of lost my vlogging mojo for a while…as in…it requires effort and my face to not resemble a troll to achieve… but I am back with a little Primark haul.

Enjoy my witterings!



8 responses to “I’m back vlogging!

  1. Good haul, Miss Paul.

    I was going to write lots of things here, until you mentioned the toucan sunglasses, and now my brain is fully utilised in thinking how I’m going to fit a trip to Primark into my plans for tomorrow. Perhaps I should just cancel my other plans?

    Love the studded loafers- I’ve been eyeing those bad boys up but they sadly don’t have ’em in my size (aka huuuuuuge). And the geography chic cardigan is incredibly practical- as I actually have worn through both elbows (and armpits!) of my favourite cardigan. Boo.


  2. For Toucan sunnies…I would cancel EVERYTHING. Teehee!
    The loafers are really comfy actually…very tempted to go buy a second pair…. hmmmmmm…

  3. I have so many comments!
    1. Loving the vlog resurgence…
    2….although it makes me more homesick!
    3. How brilliant is Primark?! And how cheap!? You can’t even get lunch for £3 here! Clothes here are proper expensive and I’ve not found a shop that’s really ‘me’ yet. Where is H and M!? On the upside, I just ordered some stuff from Topshop and M&S is next on the list for free international delivery – whoop. Maybe I should vlog about that.
    4. I want hilarious sunglasses!

    • You should totally vlog about your clothes delivery! I have missed vlogging quite a bit and am glad it makes you miss us here in Blighty. (We miss you loads). I may or may not collect you some for a Christmas care parcel! X x x

  4. Dude I missed your vloggy face. Loving the Primark haulage. Might just have to gatecrash your wedding to wear those sunnies 😉

    • So glad you love my vlogs…I worry I am super grating! I think at least two videos a month are required… ideas of what you want to see next? Tee hee about the glasses! X

      • Not grating m’dear! Very charming & funny. Especially when you rank about stirrup leggings.

        Hmm what about doggie vids? How to take care of him etc? I am a cat person so have no idea about dogs.

        I’d love to see your crochet creations on video too, maybe some biz tips? How do you prepare for a fair etc?


  5. Clearly I mean “rant” about leggings, but you do think stirrups are rank so it might work!

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