Memories photographs wedding prepI popped home a little while ago to collect some embarrassing baby photos for one of our wedding decoration display type thingys and I spent a great evening chortling with Mama Pigeon, mainly at my brother’s expense, as we sifted through 26 years of memories.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourites (but not I am saving some good ones for my guests!) and why they make me smile.

grin wedding prep memoriesI can remember always pushing my brother, C, off MY red car…I hated having to ride the yellow one…it was rubbish in comparison and felt wrong. So my obsessive nature begins…

As much as he is a pain sometimes, as all brothers are, I love C. Looking through all the photos reminded me of how dorky we are and how lucky we were to grow up with each other. (I am TOTALLY sure he feels the same….right? RIGHT?!)

birth of a brother wedding prep memoriesI was obviously disgusted at the arrival of C. So not only did I now have to share EVERYONE…but he was very loud. Check out my face… my Granny (who is rocking a puppy jumper!) was trying so hard to get me to stop sulking!

90's caurosel wedding prep memoriesI love this photo because I think Mama Pigeon looks fab. I loved how she dressed in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Dad & Us at Beach wedding prep memoriesMy wonderful Stepmumma sent me some scanned pics from my Dad’s collection of  family photos and this is truly a new favourite.

Please check out the family grin and my painfully 90’s attire. Also check out how happy we are…. WINNING.
The digital age has ruined ‘the box of photos under the stairs/in the wardrobe/somehwere in the loft rummage’ and I feel a bit bad for the generations after us who don’t get to experience rediscovering old memories.

I really want to make sure that I start getting our favourite pictures printed out and put into albums so that our kids can enjoy them as I do my parents.

Perhaps I’ll add it to my NYR’s for 2014.




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