26 before 27 Update

Mint green shorts and a hair bow WIW

Well I thought it was time… 6 months in and here is my little update!

1: Get Married


2: Eat something grown in my own garden (Done)

3: Make over £150 profit from my little business (Done)

4: Spend more time with friends (Done)

5: Drive less, walk more (Done)

6: Finish decorating two rooms in our house

We did our lounge prteey early on… (Have a peek here!) but we have been really toiling on our garden…that counts right? The garden is a room right?

7: Make alterations on a dress

Nope…and although I have a dress lined up ready for this task I doubt it is going to occur now till post wedding!

8: Gain over 600 followers on Twitter

Not yet!

9: Have a fort movie marathon

Sigh…. getting Chekhov has meant that fort movie marathons are the thing of the past…he is a fort DESTROYER.

10: Write & schedule blog posts a week in advance

Bahahahahaha….I obviously didn;t realise how much working full time, running a small business, blogging, getting a ‘broken’ dog and planning a wedding would bugger up my timekeeping….oh well… Life is what is happening when you sit making plans!

11: Do at least 12 craft fairs

I have done a few already this year, but am now on a break till the wedding has passed. I have booked one or two extra bringing me up to 9!

12: Learn how to use P’s coffee machine (Done)

13: Share a room tour of our new home

YES! I did a wardrobe room tour! 😀

14: Try 3 new restaurants (Done)

15: Meet at least 2 blogger folks in real life

Not complete…and I am being a bit shoddy about it all. Booooooooo

16: Make 4 things from Pinterest

This one is ticking along nicely! I have made  3 things I can think of for the wedding from Pinterest and I will share those post wedding! Yipee!

17: Reread the Harry Potter novels

I bearly have time to scratch my rear, let alone read…. booooo

18: Host a Fancy Dress Party (Done)

19: Call my parents more often

Yes! I have been making sure I communicate a bit better with the fambly because I haven’t seen them in AGES. I haven’t actually seen my Pa since Christmas, so I am excited for the wedding so I can spend a little time with him and my Stepmumma.

20: Get new business cards (Done)

21: Go electronic free for 24 hours

NOPE! Bahahahahaha

22: Dance in the rain

Does trudging walking the dog count? No?

23: Take P to see his 3rd musical

We still haven’t found time to do this yet…le sigh…

24: Keep a finance book up and running

Bahahahahahahahahaha…no no no.

25: Send my little brothers something fun in the post

I still haven’t sent them anything, but they came to stay at easter and had a jolly good time.

26: Have a fully stocked pantry

No…this is harder than it sounds!

Not much more to finish! Phew!



2 responses to “26 before 27 Update

  1. Go Bex!! You’ve achieved loads already- and this is such a varied and long list! Very good selection of goals; can’t wait to see what you’ve made for the wedding 🙂 xxx

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