Lately in July

So life this weekend has ground to a halt whilst my body has put it’s metaphorical foot down and my immune system has gone AWOL. I have had the mother of all colds/flu/imminent death for the past 4 days and it shows no sign of going ANYWHERE. Joy.
It however didn’t stop me dragging my snotty face out of bed to bake P a birthday cake on Saturday and mingle with our guests at an evening barbeque. I did however exchange my usual G&T for Lemsip…hardcore I know.

Brighton Pier Lismer PhotographyOne of my favourite pics by P (we have it as a canvas in our bedroom)

Watching –  The Returned. It’s a French supernatural drama that I am seriously getting hooked on. The guys at work love it too so I need to keep on top of it so we can actually all discuss it! The only problem is that is entirely in French (I studied German at school) with subtitles, meaning I an’t do any of my usual things (crochet etc) whilst watching it, which I guess is a good thing because I actually watch it.

Consuming – Abnormal amounts of Vitamin C. This cold needs to go. It is not the way summer should be…FACT. I did request Dolly Mixtures from P when he visited the shop earlier…but apparently they had none….we shall no longer frequent it…. Dolly Mixtures are my absolute favourite sweets. I pick out the jellies (because ewwww) and I adore the sugar crusted ones…. nom nom nom…they are my favourite ‘feeling icky’ treat. Oranges suck.

Obsessing over – Harry Potter. Due to being pathetically ill I have managed to finish 6 books in 3 days…. two of those being the first two Harry Potter novels today. I am now currently reworking my way through the Prisoner of Azkaban. It has been lovely to just READ with the dog snoozing by my side (he can tell I am ill and is being quite a good boy).

Creating – very little. Due to work being a bit mental, me being a bit run down and the wedding looming up at us I am trying very hard to do very little! How lazy of me!

Looking forward to – The wedding. I am sure all brides get to this stage and they put their tired little bride faces in their hands and utter ‘Why did we not just elope?!’ 
I am very excited about the marriage part…but the planning the party part I am done with…over it… it would be fine if money was no object…but doing this for under £5k? We are on budget, but it is slowly taking over my life and I feel it is ALL I DO AND TALK ABOUT.




5 responses to “Lately in July

  1. Poor you, horrid to be ill and having your wedding coming up. Trust me, when the day comes, it is wonderful. xx

  2. Sorry you’re poorly but at least you are getting your snot out of the way before your I Dos.

    Stay chipper – you will thank yourself for not spending bsquillions of pounds on one day when you have an awesome wedding!

    Healing hugs! x

  3. Oh no 😦 Have you tried the orange and berry Lemsips? I tell everyone in my life to TRY THEM NOW because they taste a bit like mulled wine!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    P.S. Or you could just drink some mulled wine with oranges in it. That’s got VItamin C by the bucket load right?

  4. Aww! Sorry to hear you’re not well. I hate the same icky sweets in Dolly Mixtures. Hope you feel better soon x

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