How To: Make Proper English Lemonade

Proper English lemonade how to

So…summer is here in England…and that can only mean one thing…it’s Enid Blyton time. Long time readers will remember my complete crazy obsession as mentioned here and here.

If there is something that screams summer/fun/party/picnic/secret meeting/a day ending in Y for the characters in Enid Blyton’s stories, it is a glass or 7 of lemonade.

This isn’t the full-of-chemicals-and-mountains-of-sugar rubbish, this just has 3 ingredients, making it great for kids (and adults!) to drink by the bucket load.

This of course has sugar, but no where near as much as shop-bought…and don’t get me started on sugar-free….mmmmm chemicals.

You can make this fizzy (if you really can’t bear it to be still) by adding carbonated water instead of still.

This makes 2 pints approx

3 large lemons

2-3 tbsps of sugar


We use a big jug or a clip topped bottle (and I use a funnel so I don’t make a ruddy mess) and squeeze the three lemons as dry as you can. Don’t worry if you get pulp in it’s tasty.

Add the 2 or 3 tbsps of sugar. We only use 2 as we like it tart, but if you like it sweeter add a little more.

You then give it a good stir/shake till the sugar has dissolved and then you top up to the top of the jug/bottle with water.


We store ours in the fridge and serve with ice and a slice.





One response to “How To: Make Proper English Lemonade

  1. Oooohhhhh lashings and lashings of lemonade :o)

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