My ‘Last Weekend of Freedom’

I am a complete control freak. There I said it. It’s not like I hide it or anything, but I guess my family and friends have dealt with this ‘illness’ of mine for so long that I forget what a completely bossy cow I am most of the time.

I don’t do it on purpose…well..okay…I do..but it is to keep myself feeling secure and happy. We all have those things right? Like checking the handle of the car door after you’ve locked it…EVERYONE does that.

So the fact that Miss Lauren (who blogs here and makes videos here) managed to plan 36 hours of my life without me having any say OR idea what was going on was pretty impressive…for me and her!

She of course planned the perfect hen do for me. She has known me for just over *cough* 10 years now and knows better than I do, what floats my boat.

Fired Earth hen do platePigeon Hen do 80'sSo as there were 12 of us, Lauren decided that we were all painting a plate for me to keep as my traditional dinner service. Some of these are never going to be eaten off of…due to the amount of male genitalia ALL OVER THE PLATE! Tee Hee…..maybe I will just use them for us two! I loved getting my craft on with my favourite ladies…and saw some AMAZING talent from girls who ‘don’t craft’.

It was then later revealed to me, after I went and got my face did in MAC, that the theme for the evening was 80’s. P had packed my shoes and bag and Miss Lauren had prepped me THE best outfit ever. High waisted disco leggings and a cropped My Little Pony Tee….that’s right…too cool.


Just thought I would share a few of my fave Iphoney pictures from the evening……I am going to gloss right over the part where at 6 o’clock I was so drunk I thought that I would not be going out in the evening and I might die…Damn Mr & Mrs Quiz! Thankfully my sister-in-law stuffed crisps down me until the room stopped spinning and I ate LOTS of pasta at dinner time.

I am awaiting more pictures from friend’s cameras and the 8 disposables that we spent all night snapping away with….retro…I know…

534232_10153081125815398_1239024892_n 521898_10153078510700398_523326544_n 998736_10153085769295398_1369294508_n 1002602_10153078511220398_1377965984_n 563905_10153078509650398_1522243392_n



4 responses to “My ‘Last Weekend of Freedom’

  1. You look fab sweetie, looks like a great time was had by all. Did you have the hangover to match? :o)

  2. This looks like the best hen party ever!! What a fantastic idea to paint the plates for your dinner service- PLEASE get them out the first Christmas you host some of your in-laws!! xx

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