How To: Make cake flags

When I began trawling through wedding magazines and blogs  for ideas for our big day, I fell in love with teeny tiny cake flags. Instead of paying £11 for 10…my chin hit the floor when I saw those sort of prices I can tell you…I decided to make my own.
They are super quick and easy to make so please don’t fall into the bridey ‘I have no time so I will just buy them’ trap. These cost PENNIES to make…PENNIES….and those pennies all count for something towards the big ‘ole wedding budget. Saving the pennies on little things like this has ensured we have kept our wedding budget around £5k. I have made around 30 of these…totally at a whopping £1 to make…if I had bought from the lady I saw online… I would be looking at £33.

How to make Cake flags

You just need some pretty paper (mine comes from my magpie box – the box of paper I keep and save from all sorts of things like envelopes from birthdays and wrapping paper), a pair of scissors, some glue or double-sided tape and cocktail sticks.

Now I do feel very silly giving you a tutorial of how to do this because it is child’s play.

Cut your paper into a strip the width you want and fold in half to make a crease.

How to make cake flags
Glue or tape one side and then pop in your cocktail stick in.


Fold over and stick down….you could leave it like this!

How to Make Cake flags (5)

Or you can cut out a tiny triangle to finish your flag.



Easy peasy right? So easy that even wearing my ‘controlling bride’ hat, I could hand this over to someone else to do!

You could easily print messages from your computer and cut them to flag size too!







One response to “How To: Make cake flags

  1. How sweet!
    But £11 for 10?! I think they need their brains testing…

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