5 ways to calm the frick down

It is a mere week to go till D-Day and my anxiety and super-controlling-ness has begun to peak. I need to eat constantly, I need to sleep constantly, I am strung out and barely lucid, but my brain is whizzing around like a rollercoaster trying to remember EVERYTHING that is and isn’t important on the planet.

Apparently EVERY bride goes through this… I feel like a mental person…. I cannot wait till the night before after everything is in its place and I can rest and then enjoy the day.

In the mean time, here are the top 5 things I do to calm down and chill out

Bourbon Bungalow1: Eat

I am cursed/blessed with a naturally high metabolism and genetically low blood pressure. This sounds a winning combination, but it means that if I don’t eat every few hours I crash out and become a horrid pale wreck of a person, who can’t actually function. This combo also gives me a fabulous excuse for devouring packets of Dolly Mixtures in one fell swoop and not giving two hoots. I have tried to eat healthily to aid my skin over the past few months, but as of last week I threw in the towel and started baking. Massive batches of cake is all that seems to soothe me in this madness at the moment and hey… stuff it… CAKE GOOD.

2 – Make a list

I am an avid lister. It helps me get it all out of my brain and to sort out the mess of ideas and plans into something more tangible. I currently have a to-do list for each day on the run up to the wedding to ensure that I space out tasks and don’t go into meltdown. I also have a list of jobs for folks to do at the reception so I don’t freak out when I get asked ‘what can I do’ when we are setting up the night before and I also have a list running of things not to forget to pack into the car. These, of course, are on top of my usual day-to-day ‘I’m a completly crazy person’ lists.

3 – Get distracted

Watch a TV show. Read a book. See friends. Bugger off to the woods with a dog. Cook. Eat. Do something other than what is freaking you out. My favourite thing to do to distract myself is to potter round the garden, followed by reading cookbooks for fun.

5 ways to chill out

4 – Have a shower

Go and wash you filthy creature. The bathroom is a sanctuary….it is normally the only room in the house with a lock on the door. Just lather up and wash all the tension away….safe in the knowledge you have locked it all out…out there…on the landing.

5 – Go to bed

Sometimes there is nothing to do but sling on your jammies and crawl under the duvet and let yourself relax. Lavender by your bedside is good for this. I personally put a pre 2000 Bond film on….I never even make it to the swirly ladies…

What do you do to chill out?



PS: For the next 2 weeks after this, I am on wedding leave! We get hitched next Saturday but I have scheduled some lovely posts from myself and few blogger friends to keep you entertained whilst I am off getting hitched and adjusting to being a Missus!


2 responses to “5 ways to calm the frick down

  1. Chamomile tea (if you can manage it) missus. Oh and some Bach Rescue remedy might help here as well. :o)
    You will be fine, just go with the flow. Remember its the marrying bit that important, if a few little deails are forgotten here and there you will probably be the only person who notices.
    Have a wonderful time, its your (and P’s) day, so enjoy and we look forward to seeing the pics.
    Best Wishes for many happy married years.
    :o) xx

  2. prettyforeverxoxo

    oh gosh im not the only crazy lister!
    i tend to make lists then get a cup of jasmine tea and watch dirty dancing 🙂 patrick swayze alwaysss makes me forget any problems! good luck for your big day! 🙂

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