Nifty Thrifty Wedding Gifty – A Guest Post from Giddy Aunt Lola

It’s the season for weddings and the lovely Miss SP and her fella are about to get spliced and live happily ever after. After all the stress of planning (and paying!) for the wedding, the big day itself will be a massive, joyous celebration with friends and family.

If you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer, it can be difficult to know what to give the happy couple (HC) as a gift. Most couples will have already set up home together and won’t need the boring household items that traditionally appear on wedding lists. Some HC’s ask for vouchers, but this feels impersonal and wedding guests tend to want to be more creative and give a gift that will be remembered.

So, let’s say that you know a smashing couple who are about to be wed, and you want to give them something unique, but you’re lacking in cash. If you are lucky enough to be wildly talented in the arty department, you could create an original piece of art for them to hang over their mantelpiece. Well, that’s fine and dandy, but what if like me, you are tad rubbish at transferring your wonderful ideas into something you could actually give as a gift?

Here is a little suggestion for the cash-strapped and creatively-challenged wedding guest that simply takes a little thought.

Date Night Gift Box

Shiny Pigeon Date Box

Returning to their love-nest after all the excitement of the big day and honeymoon can feel a little flat for the newlyweds. One of the nice bits is opening the cards and gifts they’ve been given. Why not give them a quirky present in the form of a Date-Night-In-A-Box?! The box in question contains all the essentials for a romantic night in and gives you the opportunity to give the HC a truly unique pressie.

What’s in the box?

Set yourself a budget and get creative; this doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs a little bit of thought. Find a box that you can decorate or wrap up in pretty paper, fill with pretty tissue paper and confetti and nestle your date night bits and pieces inside.


* DVD – buy an old classic or a rom-com; Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing etc. (all less than a fiver on Amazon)


* Movie night snacks – you could include some posh popcorn or choccies.

* Gift voucher for take away food – sell gift vouchers from £5

* Scented candles

* Bottle of something boozy. Perhaps some affordable fizz like Cava or Prosecco

* Packets of love hearts

love hearts

* Create a CD of sexy tunes for the HC to listen to whilst snogging and canoodling on the sofa

* Massage Oil – Ahem. For getting jiggy with it, as newlyweds are wont to do

* Make sure you include a hand written card or letter explaining what’s in the box and let your fun and funky personality shine through and give the love birds a night to remember.


Use your knowledge of the couple in question to personalise the box and add the kind of things you know they like; be inspired!

Let’s raise our mugs of tea and decaf Lattes’ to toast the happy couple. I give you Mr and Mrs Shiny Pigeon – Live long and prosper!

Giddy Aunt Lola

Giddy Aunt Lola is a mum of 5, Queen of Charity Shops, Bake and Stitcher, who likes a bit of Carry On humour and she blogs HERE!

3 responses to “Nifty Thrifty Wedding Gifty – A Guest Post from Giddy Aunt Lola

  1. Bloody great idea! Have a super wedding day m’love!

  2. Excellent idea 🙂 Although, as a girl with a boy who hates chick flicks (weirdo) I would veer more towards the Die Hard end of the DVD shelf. Action for him. Bruce Willis for her. Everyone’s a winner. xxx

  3. Such a good idea! One Xmas I bought most of my friends ‘night in’ kits, e.g girls night in, pamper night in, movie and popcorn night etc and they all loved them.

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