Catch Up

Hello all… as you read this I am running round like a headless chicken…probably wearing a headset like Monica in Friends, during Phoebe’s wedding.

We get married on Saturday……so far so good…he actually hasn’t legged it yet.

So in honour of the wedding count down I thought I would share some old posts about P & I and how we met.

I imagine one day we will tell these stories to our children in a ‘How I met Your Mother’ type scenario.

How we met

How we met would you ever use an online dating service

Our Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Our thoughts on valetine's day

Our Engagement Story

Our Engagement Party Ring

The Ring

engagement ring kate diana style

Our DIY Engagement Shoot

Our DIY Engagemnet shoot HTB WTB

Hope you enjoy looking at our story so far!



4 responses to “Catch Up

  1. Love it! Good luck and have a wonderful day xx

  2. love this!
    p.s. that headset really suits you :p

  3. Hope it goes well my love! Enjoy it xx

  4. Ah I didn’t realise we got engaged on the same day.. I didn’t propose either though!
    Good luck with the wedding, hope everything goes to plan and you finally manage to relax 🙂

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