REVISIT- DIY Button Magnets

Hello beautiful folks…we are off doing newly-wed stuff and I am on an internet ban for the week. I hope you enjoy a revisit of one of my favourite little DIY’s. See you next week!

I thought I would share a little DIY with you…. again a DIY that you could do in minutes. MINUTES!

My love for fridge magnets and vintage buttons are unparrelled…but put those hands together…. it’s bliss.
I find doing this particular DIY quite soothing because it is repetitive, and I have made a massive batch to take with me to my craft fairs to sell.

I use small but strong craft magnets that I buy from eBay.

Squidge a bit of No More Nails (other thingummywatsits are available) onto the magnet. I find this works much better than super glue. I did a mixed batch last time, and all my super glued ones have had to be No More Nails’ed since.

Then dot a small amount on to the back of your button, vintage, upcycled, fresh from the packet…I won’t judge.

And gently pop the sticky sides together. Leave to dry for several hours.

Then stick to your fridge in a manic and mental manner.


Made something easy peasy recently? Share below!


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