Thrifty Find: Recycled light planter

Thrifty Find header Free thrifty light planter  (1)

Within the confines of this post I am about to profess my serious girl crush on Kirstie Allsop. Honestly, anything with Phil and Kirstie in is a sure fire hit in this house…..We love them…and I have really been enjoying her amazingness in her recent series of Fill your House for Free. Now her tips and tricks were nothing new to a skinflint like me….My father and paternal grandfather have taught me everything I know about being thrifty/cheap…I managed to save enough money to buy a house on my small salary using their wisdom (and taught Paul how to stop spending his!)….but it did spur me on to put down the Ikea catalogue and go skip hunting.

Our neighbours across the way have been having building work done since we moved in, and their skip is super inviting…is it just me that gets excited by having a rummage through a skip? Oh no…. you do too Kirstie?… Let’s be friends forever!

I saw something shining in amongst the wood and plaster and took it home for a bit of a repurpose.

I unceremoniously pulled out the broken light fitting and was left with a gorgeous faceted receptacle.

My aloe vera has taken a bit of a hit since the move, so is currently looking a little like this…

Free thrifty light planter  (2)

Traumatic….it sat in a hot window, where the dog used to jump up and bash it….house plant fail…

So after some trimming and replanting, we now have something that looks like this!

Free thrifty light planter  (4)

It is going to need a little love to get back to it’s former glory…but glorious it shall be in it’s new FREE bowl!

If you aren’t embracing free…you really need to get on it…people throw SO much stuff away that, with a little imagination, can be transformed into something lovely for your home.

What have you gotten for free recently?

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One response to “Thrifty Find: Recycled light planter

  1. Yes!!! I have the highest girl crush on Kirstie!! I loves her. Let’s all be thrifty, crafty friends!

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