Thrifty Find: A Dirty Pigeon

Thrifty Find header HOw to DIY Thrifty find PigeonI know what you are thinking….what is that filthy bit of garden cement tat doing on your kitchen table?

It’s BEING AMAZING that’s what.

This was a chance spot in a skip. I eyeball skips as I pass them, trying to x-ray the contents…much to P’s dismay… and this one was a doozy. Unfortunately, we were walking past this particular one, so we couldn’t carry the massive cement planter (with squirrels on it!) or free water butt and stand to our friends (where we were headed) and then home. These folks must have been completely clearing the garden…I mean…who throws away a perfectly good water butt?! Mental folks that’s who.

So, we dutifully knocked on the door and explained to the perplexed fellow that we wanted to raid his skip for the above filthy pigeon, and a minute later I skipped away with a new living room ornament. heard me right…this grimy creature is going to live indoors…

She (we decided it was a girl…she’s pretty fancy looking) got a bit of a scrub up with some washing powder and then I got the big guns out….the spray paint.

A quick swish all over with some white gloss and she is looking pretty damn good.


Mavis…oh yes…we named her…  is now happily tucked up in our fake fireplace (putting a REAL one back in is on the list of housey jobs), next to Bruce, our concrete rabbit.

photo (2)

Found anything this good for free lately?

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4 responses to “Thrifty Find: A Dirty Pigeon

  1. I have never found anything quite like a dirty pigeon – good find!

  2. She’s lovely (and so you). :o)

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