How To: Make Cake Bunting

cake bunting how to (2)So you have seen something like this (minus the dog hair on the carpet…how unprofessional of me….) on countless Pinterest pins and on bijou websites selling for over a tenner.

Here is how I made it for PENCE…actual pence.

I took a quirky old birthday envelope (yes…I keep EVERYTHING!) that had a nice pattern on. You could use wallpaper, wrapping paper or anything really, as long as it is thick enough!cake bunting how to (4)I then marked out the shape of the triangles, adding a little flap at the top to be able to flip it over the string.cake bunting how to (6)

I cut all the triangles out and then score along the flap fold, follow it up by trimming the overlapping edges so they don’t show.cake bunting how to (7) cake bunting how to (9)I had these sticky back foam letters in my craft box, but you could print and cut some out from your computer or draw some onto your cut out triangles if you are talented and sexy like that.

cake bunting how to (3)cake bunting how to (8) cake bunting how to (10)I then folded the flaps over some yarn and secured with some sticky tape, and then attached the yarn to two bamboo skewers from the kitchen.cake bunting how to (1)cake bunting how to (2)

That’s it! ….easy peasy…I am off to hoover my Den floor…I feel like a slattern now…



3 responses to “How To: Make Cake Bunting

  1. Super simple and saves loads. I can’t believe how much people charge for this kind of thing!

    Ooh I meant to say, I did the squeegee pet hair thing the other day on my stairs as poor old Henry hoover is on his last legs. Worked a treat! Naughty persian cat had shedded everywhere!

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