What is in my dog walking bag?

As glamour-filled as I wish my life was…I now spend a lot of my life in wellies. Since getting the woof, I have torn through a pair in about 4 months, so whilst I am currently awaiting the arrival of a new hardcore sexy pair from a lovely British company…which I hopefully will review them this time next year and tell you all how fabulous they are… I got to thinking about all the other dog gumpf that has weedled into our lives.

Here is our current dog walking ‘kit’….minus footwear and coat (if required).

dog walking essentials

Bumbag – This beauty was £4 from Primark form the MEN’S section, which P still refuses to believe. He also refuses to believe that I seriously considered the full blown leopard print version…. It was a serious NEED buy as when it got really hot this summer I realised I couldn’t carry everything in my shorts! I highly recommend a dog bag to anyone (who has a dog…otherwise that would be weird) as it is easy to store all your bits in one place for walkies…and I bum my bumbag.

Antibac Hand Gel – A must when dealing with the poop machines that are canines. they don’t always like to leave it nice and neat for you. This is a seriously yummy scented one that my lovely friend Whitney sends over from the US of A.

Poo bags – We use basics nappy bags. 15p for 100 in the baby aisle. Bargain. there is NO excuse for not picking up your poop. It drives me crazy when other owners don’t…mainly because Chekhov seems to think that poo is food…come on folks! I also have a swish little bag for them that I got in a welcome pack from our dog trainer.

‘Working’ blue lead – Chekhov wears this lead when we are ‘working’. Working constitutes any time I need his full and undivided attention, such as walking on the side of the road and training. His working lead is fixed to his collar, where as his fun lead is attached to his doggy harness.

Treat bag – it’s a bag we put treats in, as sommetimes he gets nice smelly things like sausage, that can make everything else pong.

Treats – Chekhov eats his regular kibble as treats because he loves it so much. We also do use tiny pieces of chopped up cocktail sauages and ham.

Clicker – I didn’t think this would change our lives as much as it has done. Clicker training Chekhov is honestly one of the best things I decided to do. It gives him so much confidence and we have gotten so much out of him through it. He has so mnay tricks under his belt and seems to feel much more in control in nervy situations as he knows what I expect from him once the clicker is in my hand.

Recoil Lead – This is Chekhov’s fun lead. He is getting to a better behaved stage where I barely use this anymore, but if we are in a strange place or there are other unfamiliar dogs around, we clip this 8m bad boy to his harness and let him run around. It is a great length that we can run around with him too!

Chekhov the dog

Do you have a dog walking bag? If so…what’s in it?



5 responses to “What is in my dog walking bag?

  1. You are super organised! I just shove things into my pockets, which is not ideal but hey ho. I always have my phone in my pocket too, just in case I get lost in the woods!


  2. With three dogs I also use a bag, its a shoulder bag, and has much the same as yours, save baby wipes instead of gel, and three balls for
    the dogs to chase. No treats as they never eat them when out, they just love the ball! Its so easy to take the messes back to the proper bin, or home with a bag, I don’t understand why more people don’t use one. When I see a likely bag in the charity shop, I’ll get a new one. He looks like he’s a happy chappy 🙂

  3. We keep it simple with poo bags and antibac gel. Our doggy is 8 now so fully trained and needs to watch her weight (like her Mum) so no treats 😦 do you take a ball? X

    • We don’t take a ball…..Chekhov will only play with one in the garden and thinks i am mental for taking one on a walk! He will only play with one if we find it out and about!

  4. Youwait until you have a baby… If you think a walk is a glorfied poop pick now, in my dog walking bag we have everything we need to poop pick the dog and the baby! I also carry pepper spray. Not only is this good for own protection (we tend to dissapear off for hours on end) but there are some pretty unfriendly dogs around here and it is useful to have, just in case one needs to break up aserious dog scrap.

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