How To: Do a DIY photobooth

Hold the actual phone…another ‘how to do something for cheap as chips when companies at wedding fairs want you to pay big bucks for it?’…that’s right kiddies! Put your purses away!

This time I am tackling the new big thing to have at weddings and parties…a photobooth.

Our photobooth went down a STORM at our big day…and it cost us nothing…zip…zilch…nada.


We set up a tripod with P’s camera on it, set to a 10 second timer. (A simple point and click will do…no need for a massive SLR).

We provided a suitcase full of fancy dress things. The hats, wigs, swords, glasses and whatnot where all from my dressing up box (yes…I know I am 26…but I have a suitcase of old fancy dress/halloween costumes in the loft!). If you don’t have a fancy dress box…you know…..because you are normal…then ask around…ask people with kids…. dig around and find that tiara from your hen do!

I made the word arrows and speech bubbles using card and a sharpie…easy as pie….and my wonderful brother-in-law printed off a few pieces and mounted them on sticks. I also sprayed an old picture frame gold and left it for people to use.

DIY photobooth how to

We used a curtained off wall (which was hiding gym apparatus) in our village hall and hung fairy lights over it to set the mood.

This cost us NOTHING to do….our friends and family just had to dress up, click the camera button, pose and then the camera did all the rest!

1167669_10153182062815524_660159396_o 1273492_10153182058490524_122474201_o 1262446_10153182060000524_446225493_o 1274243_10153182061695524_2080701729_o 1271139_10153182060350524_744291301_o 1268199_10153182063580524_1139644582_o 1274031_10153182058275524_209568305_o 1273893_10153182061035524_451318171_o1269555_10153182067350524_1895175080_o 1167125_10153182066760524_837562558_o 1233206_10153182064780524_1378312134_o 1271571_10153182060340524_1955787289_o 1233151_10153182061065524_1202595100_o

These are just a few of my favourite shots from our photobooth…… totally worth doing right?

I beg you not to PAY for this…that is mental when you could have this much fun for free.



5 responses to “How To: Do a DIY photobooth

  1. This looks so much fun (and so you), brilliant! :o)

  2. Love love love this idea! I’ve already bookmarked it for my best friends wedding when she gets married (and she loves it too!) 🙂 x

  3. I had hoped I had laid that out in the blog post!

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