Hungry House

Nobody tells you that the week before you get married is a special sort of nightmare reserved for brides alone. What with folks still not confirmed that they are coming and others asking if there will be chicken….no…there won’t be ruddy chicken…we are having a hog roast….I sort of forgot to find time to shop or cook or generally stuff food in my mouth. Cue moody wife-to-be snarling at her future husband, who is rethinking turning up at the church.

Thankfully, a few days earlier I had been contacted by the lovely folks at Hungry House and as a wedding gift they sent over one of their vouchers…. that’s right…vouchers….genius. You don’t have to work at Hungry House to be able to send out vouchers either… us mere mortals can buy them and give them out as gifts. I loved the idea that Giddy Aunt Lola had when she guest posted for me in August. I will also be buying one for my brother when he moves out.

A while ago I did a post about moving house, and one of my top tips is to get some takeaway menus from the local eateries for your first few nights. This sort of service means that you don’t have to. You can order online or via your phone, if you haven’t got the net hooked up yet.

We hadn’t used Hungry House before, but found the process easy enough. Found a chinese (our favourite sort of tasty treat) in our area, not the one we normally frequent, but hey, for a change, we thought why not!

Popping the voucher code took a little thought…make sure you click the right button, else you will have to make an embarrasing call to the chinese to cancel and then replace your order online….that didn’t happen to me at all….. *cough*

I think the only negative side for us was that we actually preferred our regular chinese who are not signed up to Hungry House.

Have you used this sort of service before? What do you think to it? Is it the future of takeaway ordering?


*Our meal was provided by Hungry House, but my views are my own.


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