Christmas is coming…..

In the words of Ned Stark, winter is coming… And along with the rain, wind and grotty cloud, comes my favourite time of year. Christmas.
I am pretty sure I have always enjoyed the season, but since living with P I have embraced it whole-heartedly and started to resemble something of a grungey, thrifty Mrs Claus. In fact, from September, I spend most of my time prepping for that magical two weeks off, when I get to relax, eat and melt into festivity.
So it comes as no surprise that I started making my Christmas stock for the shop straight after our homeymoon.
I thought would share what I have been toiling on!




Bex's Christmas Decorations 010

Crochet Christmas Puddings (2)

I am so excited to get this stuff on my stall at all my fairs this season and see people enjoying them in real life. I have had requests for the Puds since April…some people are super ready for Christmas!

I am hoping to use some of the Puds as nameplace holders this year at our christmas table, by pinning the names on!

If you like anything, please pop over to the shop and have a closer looksie!





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