How To: make a great baby shower gift

Recently, my gorgeous friend had a scrummy baby boy, and I am going to show you one of the baby shower gifts I gave her.

I must point out that this isn’t an original idea, and I spotted it on Pinterest, but I thought it would be the perfect gift to give.

Firstly I bought a big box of newborn nappies…and then took the nappies out and put them to one side.

CIMG0150I took the top flaps off and covered it in wallpaper. This took some serious trial and error because I had to line up the pattern the right way on each side. Apparently a difficult task if you are me!CIMG0159 CIMG0161I covered the joins in the paper with some contrasting lengths of paper and finished it off inside.

Baby shower gift nappy boxUsing sharpies I wrote a mass of comments and messages on the nappies for when the late night blues of nappy changes set in…anything to give the gorgeous mama a smile and a little lift at 3am. I only did half a pack so I could let the other ladies at the shower write some too!CIMG0170 CIMG0171 (2) CIMG0164CIMG0173 (2)

Super easy peasy! You could buy a nice box rather than trying to cover the cardboard one too, whihc then could be used again and again for storing nappies in. The cardboard ones would get a bit tatty after a few months or so.

This gift only cost the price of the nappies but was able to mean so much more!

What are your suggestions for a great baby shower gift?





3 responses to “How To: make a great baby shower gift

  1. Super idea! And so thoughtful.

  2. prettyforeverxoxo

    oh wow what an awesome idea! my best friend is having a baby in december and ive been searching for cool ideas! thanks for sharing! 🙂

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