Lately in October

The three pigeons pub shinypigeon

Watching – Most Evil. I am quite aware my obsession with true crime and real life murder stories on TV is probably reaching a concerning level…I love the psychology behind it all. Also I like the idea of trying to work out why or whodunnit.

Consuming – Loads of liquid. I am trying really hard to get my skin back on track after the wedding. Since being back at work (which is super stressful at the mo) my acne has kicked back with a vengeance and I have nothing but cysts all over my lower face for the past two months. Water is the best cure-all I feel…wash out all the crud…

Obsessing over – Caroline Hirons. I think I love this woman. Miss Lauren introduced me to her hilarious blog when we were discussing double cleansing and I cannot stop reading all her cheat sheets and backlog of wonderous posts on skincare. She is the reason I have also made the move from my Cleanse & Polish dupe to a natural oil based cleanser…and I have started doing a full facial massage when I remove my make-up. A week in and my acne is seriously better…like SERIOUSLY better

Creating – Christmas stuff! Oh yeah, shoot me…I don’t care. I have even got my Nigella Christmas book out. So there.

Looking forward to – Luci’s birthday. I am heading home next weekend for a true fancy dress knees up for my friend’s 24th. I have my costume and I am ready to roll! So excited…will share my quick and easy costume with you all in time for Halloween…don’t you worry!

How is your month shaping up?



3 responses to “Lately in October

  1. Water is the best for skin. I think consuming gallons of it every day is the only reason I remain (mostly) spot-free despite consuming a dessert trolley’s worth of sugar every day too! xxx

  2. Ive got my Xmas card list done so I can crack on with making my cards.
    Im also a firm believer in oils for skincare. The only moisturiser I use on my body is Coconut oil and either Rosehip or Borage on my face ( for ah hem mature skin), its certainly the biz.

  3. Now that my son is 7 months old and the sleep-deprivation is subsiding, I am finding the odd few minutes to read your fabulous blog and tweets again. Thank you for introducing me to Caroline Hirons, it has given me the kick up the bum i needed to finally (only taken me 34 years???) sort out my skin-care routine. I’ve invested in a decent cleansing balm and moisturiser and am doing it properly every evening and I think I’m already seeing results. I always thought that having oily skin meant I should scrimp on the moisturiser, but according to CH it’s the opposite – better late than never!

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