How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Centrepieces & Table Decor

Here she goes again…banging on about weddings being a big ‘ole party and what not…that dreadful woman who keeps pinching her purse to stop those dreadfully expensive wedding vendors having a grab at the cash inside.

Let’s save some serious money on your centrepieces and table decor shall we?

First of all….lose the florist. That is money you are throwing at a brick wall right there. Flowers are pretty…yes… flowers are also pretty from your garden and from the supermarket….. for free or less cash than the florists.


P’s Mum grew us a whole heap of sweet peas, sunflowers and other lovely blooms (I have no idea what they are…because you know…flowers are pretty) and I cut off loads of our flowering Buddleia and we plonked them into jam jars and glass bottles that I had been washing & saving for months (and some I took after someone else’s wedding!). FREE CENTREPIECES. I will say that I added 3 bunches of flowers (one bunch was £1 because it was yellow stickered in M&S) which cost me £6 in total. We broke down the bunches and slotted them amongst our foraged flowers. We did the ENTIRETY of 10 tables for £6. P’s Mum grew the flowers for us and was in charge of transporting and jar plonking as our wedding gift. Hooray! So if you have a friend who is keen on flower arranging or a nimble fingered gardener in your family…or in fact you have the space to grow your own… or you see a nice weed in your mum’s front garden…see if you can cut this monstrous cost OUT of your big day.

You may notice our table names were pretty cool. We named each table after a location in our favourite films and TV shows. We also had Stark Industries, Hill Valley, Sandford Police Station, Sunnyville High School, Tortuga and The Winchester Tavern to name a few more. P created the tables names by copy and pasting the images into Photoshop and then adding the writing. EASY. If you haven’t got photoshop or a handy husband to be, this could have been done in Word or Publisher. This just took our time and the cost of printing…. YAAAAYY.

Now let’s have a word about place cards…. I threw that particular idea out of the window about 3 months before. I could not be arsed to do a full seating plan OR print out/buy around 90 place-name cards and then do folding and placing…that is time I could have spent doing something much more fun….you know….like ALL the other decor stuff I was doing for the wedding…and it meant that people sitting in a chair cost us NOTHING. We created table lists of the people who were to sit at that table, and then let them pick the chair they sat in. Easy for us, nicer for them. We even displayed it on one of the doors into the hall as you can spot behind my dear Papa giving his speech.

How to table decor & centrepieces wedding day budget bride

So when it comes to your tables…yes it is nice for your guests to have something to look at….so why not think outside the box? How about a pretty bowl with floating tea lights? How about a collection of family photos? How about some bottles and jars of brightly coloured sweets (that is your favours RIGHT THERE! If you are doing them…that is another rant…we didn’t…because you know….who cares?!) Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for things like this, so get clicking! If you were really lazy a complete genius you could nominate a crafty/arty person from each table to be in charge of creating a centrepiece to a theme!

Oooo finally…TEA LIGHTS. Always a winner at a wedding. Again you don’t have to buy fancy holders…more jars and glass ramekins are a great for housing little flickering fires. We bought our tealights from Amazon, but Ikea always do massive bags as well as the pound shops.

The tealight  holders we used were on their 4th wedding, handed on from Bride & Groom for free to the next to get married. We have them boxed up and ready to be handed on to anyone who is willing to keep on with this tradition, of keeping costs down for the happy couple! You can have them, if you are happy to come and get them from me in West Sussex and then pass them on in a similar FREE fashion. Let me know in a comment below (first come first served!)

Damerham village hall wedding reception

Don’t forget to ASK friends and family if they have the tealight holders/candelabras/fake ivy/ribbon/place card holders/reems and reems of fairy lights from their big day sat getting dusty in their garages and lofts. People keep loads from their wedding and buying new isn’t really necessary!

Hope this helps folks!



One response to “How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Centrepieces & Table Decor

  1. Im so glad u said that about favours!!I dont think ive actually managed to remember to take them home from a single wedding!xx

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