Thrifty Find: Upcycled Wicker Cat Carrier

Ok…..let me start this post with an apology. This blog has been a little quiet as of late and the only reason I can give you is because I could not find the time to write actual blog posts! Life is totally getting in the way of my online prescence….I mean really…. how rude. I am trying hard to get back on top of some sort of blogging schedule, so bear with me!

Let’s get on with what you came to see shall we?

Thrifty Find header thrifty find wicker cat carrier upcycle reuse

Yes….I know what you are thinking….Chekhov is not going to fit in that…

I spotted this left out by some bins on my dog walk, I checked it over to ensure there was no cat carcass inside… can never be too careful…. and noticed that the carry handle was snapped and beyond use. I grinned and juggled this under my arm whilst the pooch pulled me all the way home.

I got home, checked it again in the light to ensure I had de-catted it enough (P is quite allergic), pulled out the old broken wicker handle and popped it by our fireplace whilst I pondered a use for it.

I honestly couldn’t believe that someone had thrown this out… on its end it is a lovely tall wicker recepticle with a wire lid. We considered it as a log basket (we are yet to have a woodburner so this seemed silly), umbrella stand, laundry hamper, end table…but finally decided to use it as paper storage in the craft room.

upcycled cat carry case

This seemed to be the best use, especially as Chekhov loves ripping up paper.

Dog ripping up paper birthday puppy

I could have quite easily removed the gate, but I kept it just in case we decided to change the use later….bring on the woodburner!!!

Have you found anything brilliantly thrifty recently?


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