Lasting Till Payday: Freezer Sauce

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It’s been a while since THIS feature has been up on the blog….mainly because my ENTIRE LIFE is about doing things on the cheap….I mean…why spend money on boring stuff like bills, when you can spend it on fun things that you will remember or enjoy for a long ole’ while.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty…Freezer Sauce….I know I know…it doesn’t inspire any sexiness on a dinner plate at all…but it proves to be a life saver on a night when I am just to tired to cook (and am sooo tempted to phone the nice lady at the chinese), and after the vegetable glut we had this year, it also stopped us throwing food away. Which is a massive problem for families at the moment. PLEASE…stop throwing food away….you are literally throwing money in the bin.

Freezer Sauce was invented so we could cope with the MOUNTAIN of courgettes I grew this year. Courgettes are notoriously hard to freeze as they end up with the consistency of slugs when defrosted…pleasant no? The best thing to do with them is to mix them with something else and make a sauce. A sauce in fact that is great for bunging with pasta and cheese and is also 2 of your 5 a day.

I realise now this is slightly out of season for the home growers…but something to bear in mind for next year!

tomoatoes cheap and easy meal Freezer sauce courgettesYou will need tinned tomatoes (or if like us, your house is an episode of The Good Life… your own home grown toms, cooked down), some courgettes and some garlic. Now giving you measurements would be a little useless as I generally use one tin of toms per medium-large courgette.

Pop the chopped/grated garlic in the pan, fry gently for a minute or so then add your tomatoes, cooking down if home-grown or warming through if tinned (I use both…so no judgement!). Then I add the courgette that has been through my mini food chopper, so it is almost grated in consistency. You can chop into small chunks however if you don’t have a super cool tool.

tomoatoes cheap and easy meal Freezer sauce courgettes mini chopper

Cook for 10 minutes on a medium heat, allow to cool, transfer to suitable labelled freezer storage (bags or tubs…whatever your pleasure) and freeze.

tomoatoes cheap and easy meal Freezer sauce courgettes

It will keep frozen for 6 – 12 months if you abide by that sort of thing…

So picture this….horrid day at work…you have gotten home late….you are starving and you have serious E.T.S (Empty Tummy Syndrome – it’s a real problem in our house). You can defrost this sexy sauce in the microwave/in a pan as your cook your pasta in another before combining the two…. and before you get all weird about defrosting things as you cook them…you’ll be fine…done it a million times….and it’s VEGETABLES forgoodnesssake. Cover with grated cheese and collapse on the sofa and fork it into your face as fast as easibly possible….. bliss.

What is your homemade go-to freezer filler?



2 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Freezer Sauce

  1. Good to see these back Pidgey, always look forward to these posts.
    My go-to-freezer filler is something I call fridge soup. If I have lots of left over weg in the fridge at the end of any week (which are past their best), I chop them, chuck them in a pan and simmer it until tender (I usually add sa stock cube, a potato to give it some body and some herbs of some description – I could add a tin of tomatoes but am not really a big fan). Then when its cooled, I sometimes puree it but more often I leave it in chunks, then bung it in the freezer.
    I will admit I do reheat this from frozen (not defrosting first) and have it with a couple of slices of toast = Yum.
    The best thing about Fridge Soup is that its different every time, so never gets boring.

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