REVISIT: Is it Worth it?

I spent a recent weekend away with friends for my birthday, and whilst our hotel room was lovely, our bathroom was the size of a teeny tiny wardrobe for dolls. Of course, the MILLION skincare products I am currently using to attempt to clear my face of what I fondly call ‘plague’, littered the itty bitty sink, and one of my lovely girls ended up spotting the hand-written date in Sharpie on the back of the bottle.

Why on earth do I DATE my beauty products? Oh…. I don’t JUST date my beauty products…I DATE EVERYTHNG.

Washing powder, washing up liquid, nail polish remover, dog food (ours comes in humongous 15kg sacks)….everything.

Why you ask? Well…last year I made this video and I feel it needs a repost, because it is the BEST tip I have ever been given.

My lovely stepmumma has been doing this for years, I never truly appreciated her actual genius until this past year, and now I have jumped on her bandwagon loud and proud.

Work out if what you are spending your hard earned pennies on is worth it….and keep a handy eye on when your make-up/skincare has reached the use by date…so then you can sniff it a bit and check it is ok to use…. just joking Miss Lauren….

I am pretty ramble-tastic in this vid…sorrrrry!

If you are finding it hard to view these vids, pop over to Youtube and visit my channel!



2 responses to “REVISIT: Is it Worth it?

  1. Ive been doing this since I saw the original post last year, (only on my beauty products – so far……) and it is quite an eye opener and a wonderful tip. Big thumbs up from me :o)

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