How To: Organise your ribbons for free!

Does your ribbon collection look a bit like this?

Easy DIY ribbon storage

Here is a quick and easy DIY to get your collection in check!

You will need an old box (I used a shoebox), a craft knife and a cutting mat (or a thick piece of cardboard so you don’t damage your table).

It does seem silly to give you a how to for this as it is really easy peasy, but bear with me.

DIY ribbon storage how to

Cut small regular sized rectangles into the box with the craft knife. Thread your ribbons through the holes, this works really well if they are on reels, but it is not a must.

DIY How to ribbon organise

Feed the reels at the back through the holes at the bottom and then the ribbonssyou put at the front through the top holes. This stops them getting tangled.

Pop on the lid (if you can!) and away you go! I know that posh expensive organisers are easy to lust after, but really…who is going to spend money on organising ribbons? Not me!

How do you keep your craft supplies in check?





3 responses to “How To: Organise your ribbons for free!

  1. Love this. My ribbons are in a basket which has holes in similar to this. Ive also seen the following on Pinterest……(Ok its in Russian but you get the idea)…..

  2. Very good! I use a pound shop basket which has holes in the side for my ribbons. For scraps I chuck em in a jar.

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