I’d love to stay and chat…but I moustache!

I want one of those moustache straw reviewThe lovely folks at I Want One Of Those popped some of these fab moustache straws in the post as an early christmas present for me. How ruddy nice eh?

Moustache straw review I want one of thoseI am a little gutted we had to open them and play with them as they would be a great treat to slip in someone’s stocking or as a Secret Santa this Christmas. I was particuarly thinking of my teenage brother at this point…aren’t they the HARDEST people to buy for?!

1421045_10153518063810524_Moustache straw review I want one of those640470173_o 1412788_10153518062815524_2142757218_oIs it JUST me that wants to see these used round the Christmas dinner table? The moustaches are made of a lovely solid plastic that can be washed (if you drop it in your wine/gin/cola) and reused, so perfect to be brought out at any dinner that requires facial hair…..ALL dinners surely? I particularly liked the descriptions of each tache on the packaging….is it just me that likes to rock a handlebar?

1415277_10153518063675524_1188765959_oI cannot wait to see my younger brothers sipping their fizz through one of these bad boys over some turkey!

Please excuse the drinking wine through a straw….it had been a tough old day at work….

You can get your own Moustache Straws here!


*Although I was a sent a lovely gift to review, my views are honest and my own*



One response to “I’d love to stay and chat…but I moustache!

  1. These are excellent. Brothers are SO hard to buy for. Wine through a straw is a totally acceptable week night beverage. Or weekday beverage, if you up the anti and add a curly straw and umbrella. xx

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