Lasting Till Payday: Free Tea

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You may or may not be aware that I am a tea whore.

Papa & Stepmumma Pigeon refuse to believe that anything that isn’t builder’s tea doesn’t count, but I will drink most things infused with hot water…and I will rave about it.

So, as someone who drinks about 4 pots of tea (to herself) a day in the winter, here is how we have tea…for free!

Pigeon drinking tea

Mint Tea

We grow this in our garden (well… currently it looks like I have thrown an angry pelican at it, as it needed snipping for the winter, so hopefully it will reshoot for the summer ready for Pimms) and I have a massive bunch hung in our kitchen drying just for tea.

Our mint also gets frozen for cocktails and cooking over the winter period, but tea is where we are using it most. Just chop a dried stalk from the bunch, plonk it in your teapot/cup, let it brew and drink away. FREE TEA! You can pull all the leaves off too and use them in a loose tea infuser…if you have such a thing.

Rosemary Tea

I know…this one seems weird…but it is SUPER YUM and PINK! Yes…pink tea from a green plant. Magical.

Rosemary Tea is meant to have allsorts of super dooper healing properties for your body, including boosting circulation and all that jazz, I just quite like the taste and I love that it is free. You can literally pop an entire stalk of this fresh into hot water and let brew. I also hand it and also it to dry, pull of the leaves and add to our loose tea infuser, as I use them for two cups at least! What a tight wad…

You can grow both of these herbs in your garden, although try to keep your Mint potted as it takes over! You will have to replace or feed the soil every year as it is proper greedy, but it will stop it popping up all over your flower beds. Rosemary is a nice shrubby sort of plant, but can be grown in a pot very easily on a balcony/corner of your lounge/outside your front door. I am planning on moving mine from pots to my flower beds this year so it can expand…..

Oh gawd….it is totally like an episode of The Good Life over here….



7 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Free Tea

  1. Ha, I love the image of throwing an angry pelican into the mint plant ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lavender works too if you have any of that.

  2. Sage tea is wonderful for sore throats (tho its not plesant to taste). Most herbs can be used in teas tho its worth looking them up on the internet first as they can all have unwanted side effects in large doses. Im more than sure youve already done this but if you havent Id rein back on the Rosemary until you have (just to make sure). x

  3. Thought you would have (just wanted to make sure). Both Rosemary and Mint make a great toners as well, make it up like a tea but leave it to infuse for 15 mins or so, dilute it with Rosewater (or bottled water if you prefer) and there ya go. Ive lots of ‘recipies’ for herbs from when I did my Diploma, if you want any let me know and I can pmail you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I bloody love The Good Life. I wish I looked like Felicity Kendal; no one can pull of dungarees like she can! I love using proper mint to make tea; have never tried rosemary though so will definitely be giving that a go ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  5. Mint tea is wonderful! I love a sprig of fresh mint with hot water and honey! YUM!

  6. This looks amazing! I just made some pesto last week to use up a bunch of my fresh herbs before they die. I also dry them as well, so I can have them all winter.

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