Instagrammed v2

pointer cross x bed crochet rabbits fawn grey wedding photo sigil christmas tutoring Christmas card Sew Scrumptious woodland fabric skully bunting necklace I love Gin thread thrifty organisation dog duck pointer x cute sleep Lucy Made Me goodies arctic fox fabric

1:- This young man loving his bed – even though we bought one too small….

2:- New grey bunny was born and is now for sale after the New Year!

3:- I loved how our Christmas decs look like a family sigil…may keep this up all year…

4:- That feeling when you realise you have made maths enjoyable to a 9 year old.

5:- Amazing fabric I ordered from Sew Scrumptious (get 10% off using code TPN10). I love that Louise sells by the fat quart…great for me!

6:- My UHMAZING new necklace from Skully Bunting….It came really quickly after I ordered it. I could spend hours in Sarah’s Etsy shop!

7:- Thrifty thread storage using some bent plastic knitting needles we found in the loft when we moved in and some thin cord, plus hooked magnets. I am feeling pretty smug about this I’ll have you know.

8:- He is too cute…sleeping with his duckie?! I die!

9:- Some gorgeous bits I bought from a wonderful business called ‘Lucy Made Me’ I met the lovely Lucy at a dire dire craft fair  last weekend and we got on famously….and we made some loose plans to collaborate at some bigger fairs next year….exciting! 😀



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