The Year That Was 2013

This has been one of my favourite posts to write this year. I forgot how much we have managed to cram into 2013 (and possibly why I was signed off work…more on that later…) and I hope 2014 will be less exciting…in a good way!

In January I kicked off the year in the red, like many do post Christmas. This was my first year of putting 80% of my wages into the joint account for the house and bills and whatnot, and I didn’t factor in gifts at all. So January was all about pinching pennies in posts like this and this. It was also the month I realised that I can clean my bathroom in under 15 minutes, so I really should stop whingeing & putting it off…

How to speed clean your bathroonm

February saw a new addition to the family….in a four-legged and fur variety. Chekhov came home to us on Valentine’s Day, giving us the perfect excuse to not celebrate it, and to celebrate his ‘birthday’ instead.

Chekhov Chats Dogs Dinner what I feed my dog

March was mental due to aforementioned dog addition. He was SO nervous, skittish and then turned out to have parasites meaning that I didn’t get a lot of sleep ensuring that he didn’t c**p on the carpet overnight. We got that sorted and he is ever so much calmer, friendlier and quieter (thank goodness) as he isn’t so freaked out by everything. It has taken a good 10 months, but Christmas (we had 10 people and a dog-hating dog here) showed us how much progress he has made, he was a star.

thrifty recycled seedling pots

April got me out in the garden…actually planting stuff. The previous months, from the November when we moved in, had mainly involved us clearing all the brambles and crud left over from 50 years of ‘experimental gardening’ as our neighbours called it. Our garden now looks pretty awesome, even better than the pics as all the lawn is actually grass! HOORAY!

In May I began planning our wedding….oh gawd…. the less said about this month the better….but here is a little taster of my hell.

Fawn Bunny (2) Crochet Fox Foxy

June & July saw these two cute critters added to the shop, and they have sold really well. I am really pleased how they have turned out. You can see them here and here. It also was the beginning of our harvest, and I loved having all the free food! It has seriously given me green fingers.

In August I became a Mrs. It was a wonderful day and I wish it hadn’t spun by so quickly, but in all honesty I was relieved that all the planning and prep was over and we could get back to normal.

Bride and Groom big fat pigeon wedding Bride and Groom big fat pigeon wedding Bride and Groom big fat pigeon wedding

September was full of wedding DIY posts that I had been dying to share, like this and this. My favourite thing to share and to have at our wedding was our DIY photobooth. It was so easy to do and the photos were brilliant.

DIY photobooth bride & Groom

October flew past and I now realise its the month where I began to flag from pushing myself to the limits from the beginning of the year. November came and went and I was ignoring my body and it’s warnings that I was about to give out mentally and physically, and the beginning of December is sort of where I collapsed emotionally and was no good to anybody.

I have had most of December signed off work and I have been feeling a lot better after giving myself a break. Being quite highly strung as a person and with an undying need to do everything at breakneck speed, I try to do more than is physically possible, be that at work, at home, for the business and in my social life….which unfortuantely was the first to go when I felt under pressure, which meant I had no support, outside P….who has been amazing.

Pigeon drinking tea2013 has taught me a lot about my limitations and why I need to stop and smell the roses (or runner beans in my case)….because if I don’t…I am going to be too exhausted to actually enjoy my life.

Well…what a ruddy depressing note to end on eh? Come on 2014…I’m prepared to kick your butt… but only after I have had a cup of tea and read a chapter of my book….



6 responses to “The Year That Was 2013

  1. What a poopy ending to the year, BUT as you say if it has taught you to look after yourself more than there’s your silver lining! I love all your wedding posts! Also, it was lovely to meet you in actual real life!

    • I know… here is to learning lessons eh?!

      I love writing my wedding posts…I still have a few thrifty bride posts to whack up in 2014. Your wedding looked gorgeous…your frock was fab.
      Was so lovely to meet you in the flesh too! I love getting to meet the real face of internet folks! 😀

  2. You certainly packed a lot in to 2013. Heres hoping 2014 brings you lots of good things and no melt downs! :o)

  3. Hope you take note of your body in 2014 and get back to enjoying life again

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