New Year Resolutions

Ok…so after my year of stupid running around like a crazy person…and I mean ACTUAL running…it recently dawned on me how much I RUN at work….my colleagues wonder how I have lost weight this year fuelled by biscuits and tea…..well apparently stress… so in light of that my NYR is pretty simple.


This means a few things have to change in my life….. *breathes deep* Ok…I’m ready to tell myself off….A LOT.

1: Delegation

My husband is wonderful…. in fact he is so wonderful he can take on a few more responsibilities so I don’t crash and burn. This means I have to give over the reins now and then. This will affect every aspect of our lives…. from him getting in the kitchen and cooking more, to a list of housework jobs going up on the fridge so he can see what tasks my crazy brain is torturing me over. This also means I stop doing so much at work, when other people are more than capable. I don’t need to chase up paperwork my colleagues do to ensure it has been done correctly….if they don’t fail, they won’t learn.

2: Plan better day-to-day

Hanging up 5 days worth of work outfits on Sunday. Scheduling blog posts a week in advance. Menu planning for 10 days at a time. Utilising my allotted hour of business time a night to the best of it’s ability. Getting a cleaning schedule down pat.

I know I try and cram a lot into my life….a full time full on  job, a time filling small business, a blog, running a home, a woof baby….P gets fed up because I never seem to sit still…

For a long time I have felt that time doing nothing is time wasted….now I see that I mentally need to recoop using this ‘nothing’ time. This year I want to be able to sit down and read every night….golly…. I miss books.

3: Stop planning for the future

I don’t mean stick my head in the sand and ignore things…I mean stop creating unattaniable pain-staking plans that we have no idea if they could ever pan out. Like having a baby pre 30…. that is probably not going to happen because we aren’t financally set yet and I have my teacher training to do….I need to get over this.

I have quite an obsessive personality….I’m very all or nothing……my latest thing is chickens…. I am pretty sure I am driving P mad with all the research and chatter falling out of my gums about ruddy chickens at the moment. I need to hold my horses, think ‘that’d be nice’ and then get on with actually LIVING MY LIFE day-to-day…..


Sorry for all the Caps Lock shouting…but sometimes I need to tell myself these things…you know?

4: Switch off

If these 4 weeks off work have taught me anything….sometimes I just need to switch off, turn off my phone, shut the curtains and watch Jonathan Creek back to back….WITHOUT  pile of sewing or a laptop. This year I plan to do less craft fairs, with the ones I do being larger, giving myself time to create at a slower and more relaxed pace.

It’s like I’m learning…..

So…that’s my life overhauled…. what are your NYRs?



7 responses to “New Year Resolutions

  1. These sound great, but I also think you need to allow yourself to BREATHE a bit and CHILL a bit as well (sorry about the shouty caps). Its OK to plan your days, but sometimes you need to go with the flow a bit and let things just happen.
    As one who knows, I wouldnt wait too long to have a family either. Im not trying to lecture you honey, but we held off for the same reasons as you and here I am in my late 40’s still childless after 2 unplanned pregnancies which ended in miscarraige, this is the ONE big regret of my life. Trust me on this, you will find a way to cope.
    Im not making resultions as such, more goals and aims.
    Im gonna loose another 2 stone this year (already having lost a stone and a half in 2013), gonna have a huge declutter (500 items), do more crafting (making 5 laptop quilts for the ladies in the family for Xmas 2014) and a few more things as well that I wont bore you with.
    I hope 2014 is a super year for you and that whatever happens you wont stress yourself out and you will take enough time to smell the flowers.
    Im looking forward to hearing your adventures.
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks Jo… Some great advice I needed to hear. You are such a wise owl.
      Well done on your weight loss in 2013, that’s fantastic! Good luck with everything planned for 2014, especially the declutter, I love that shiz!!

  2. Good list, lady. I think being more organised and delegating more so that you can switch off sounds like an excellent idea. And I am, of course, fully supportive of watching lots of JC.

    I know what you mean about getting obsessed; for the last two years I feel like I’ve talked non-stop about my dream kitchen extension. I just need to be grateful for what I have and enjoy the good things in life.

    I’ve just written up my resolutions here –


  3. Good list. I’m also guilty of trying to do too much. This year I’m going to take on some new challenges and keep doing what I’ve been doing, but try to work smarter so that I don’t feel things piling on top of me!

  4. Excellent post. Few thoughts from me:
    1. Don’t let the stuff that’s meant to help you stress you out more – like the meal planning and clothes organising!
    2. I love the fridge list idea and might adopt it. Any tips on how to make husbands do more to help are always appreciated!
    3. One of my resolutions is to stay on touch with people better via actual speaking so in hoping you can fit a Skype date into your schedule please!
    Also, 30s not that old really and life does carry on – and 31 isn’t really that scary either luckily for me!
    Happy 2014. xx

  5. I think they’re all very very good resolutions! The one thing I wish I could stop doing is number 3 – I always planned to have children by the time I was 30 as well. In the end, I turned 31 last month and am having IVF next month, best laid plans and all that… 🙂
    I think I’ll have to try harder at number 3 as well this year 🙂 x

    • My mum had me in her mid twenties and my grandmother had her in early twenties…. I love the age gap we have and I just feel a little behind. I do have to remember that neither if them went to university, which has invariably slowed the process. But the husb has today started looking at family cars for pooch and future children… We plan a lot! X

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