Black screen of death…

So it’s apparent that my laptop hates me. It has officially kicked the bucket and is refusing to even turn on… I write this from my iPhone… which is really not ideal….. mainly because I am set in my ways and also this screen is teeny for prepping blog posts…. which I’m not sure will turn out looking ok…. Boo!
So it looks like I am retrieving the spare desktop out of the loft tonight (thank goodness the husb is a total nerd) and borrowing a screen (P runs three on a day-to-day basis) and going back to basics as we really can’t afford to get me a new laptop right now.
Le sigh.
Stay tuned…. Stupid laptop….



4 responses to “Black screen of death…

  1. Boo 😦
    Have you tried taking the battery out and running it plugged in without the battery in there? Sometimes if the battery goes they will refuse to start with it in there.
    I hope it’s not terminal.

    • Yeah….P has looked at it, removed all the RAm/motherboard/other geeky things and it did nada. He has wired in the spare desktop for me and I’m claiming it as my own till next birthday/Christmas when I can ask for money for a new laptop

  2. How poop! Sorry to hear that Bex. Hope you can get the spare computer clean of pizza crumbs and beer spills. Yeurgh. xx

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