How To: Day-by-day outfit tags

Welcome to my nightmare…..I am sat typing on a full blown desktop that P has managed to cobble together from parts he had ‘laying about in the loft’. Parts he only assembles for when the lads come round to play computer games….so it is covered in crusty beer. I hate the set-up as it commands most of my massive desk, which is normally used for crafting…but needs must.

So…what on earth are day-by-day outfit tags? They are little tags that I slip over hangers in my wardrobe to mark a planned work day outfit…. I know…I’m a mental person. I found when I started working with no set ‘uniform’ that I spent most of my morning trying to decide what to wear. I have eliminated that choosing time, by laying the whole week’s worth of outfits on a Sunday night.

how to make wardrobe outift tags

These honestly took no time to make…. mainly because I have a super cool punchie that allows me to make the tags shape. You could easily cut circles using the bottom of a mug rather than tags.

how to make wardrobe outift tags

The card stock is not card stock at all, and is in fact leftover cracker card from Christmas. Yes…I’m one of those awful magpie people who shove it in their handbag before you even think about throwing it away. But it was sooooo sparkly….

how to make wardrobe outift tags

Using a sharpie I popped on the days of the week (working only…because…you know…I stay in my jammies most of the weekend) and then used some bakers twine to make the hanging loops.

Easy flipping peasy

(This was so flipping hard to write…the mouse is sticky…I think there is pizza dust clogging it up… BLEURGH….)



3 responses to “How To: Day-by-day outfit tags

  1. So sparkly. Where is the tag shaped punchy thing from please? xxx

  2. Poo to your rank computer but yay to blogging!

    Very organised. I normally scramble about in the dark trying not to wake G whilst I find something from the ‘floordrobe’. Slattern? Moi?

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