How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Decor

Oh yes….I’m back banging on about this old thing again…. saving money on your wedding!

So decor….making stuff look pretty…it ain’t essential, but it does give your wedding a certain element of ‘you-ness’.

I DIYed all our decor, ranging from making tissue paper pom poms and collecting jam jars for months to creating our cake toppers.

Mr & Mrs Mousie 2  cake topper

Hopefully you have chosen a venue that doesn’t need much decorating, but if you chose something like me, a small village hall complete with gopping curtains and gym apparatus for the local school, you are going to need to tart it a little.

Damerham Village Hall wedding reception

To get ideas in the first place I trawled Pinterest… of the gods. I had a whole board dedicated to things ‘that might be super cool for the wedding’, a lot of these of course didn’t come to fruition, but some of those pins were vital to our big day decor.

A way to keep things on the thrifty side is to keep your colour scheme open…this then doesn’t limit you from saying YES to anything. I started out thinking I wanted just different hues of blue….but when I realised how much that would limit me cost wise and resources wise I went for an all out ‘chuck it in and mix it up’ sort of colour scheme. White tablecloths and white napkins let our simple centerpieces shine.

Keep a mental note of what you liked at other weddings…. I got a load of  bottle and jars for the centerpieces by asking another bride at the end of the night at her wedding if she would mind if I took a few for ours….she was delighted not to have to get rid of them!

Like I have been banging on and on about again and again in these posts…play to your strengths. I am crafty with paper and fabric, so that is what most of my decorating ideas were focussed on. I loved how Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky made a backdrop at her wedding from a vintage sheet snipped into a fringe….GENIUS!

My now husband is a big light fanatic, so he ordered  the fairy lights (for £20 on Amazon) and borrowed some from his brother and cousin to light our venue in the evening….he also roped them in to hang them all the night before….and trust me…any venue looks amazing lit by fairy lights.

Damerham village hall wedding reception

My MOH’s mum has won many a competition for her flower arrangements and she made us the most gorgeous display for our ceremony table, where we signed all the legal beagle… and that was our wedding gift from my MOH. Don’t be afraid to ASK for jobs to be done and things to be made as part of your wedding gift…people are only too happy to oblige, they want to take part in your day silly!

Medieval hall salisbury venue ceremony


Also use stuff that you are going to want to use and display in your house after the wedding….or that you already have…..there is no point wasting all your time making stuff you are going to bin after. All the fabric bunting came home with us ready for future birthday bashes and to be sold on my craft stall (most of it was made as stock in the first place!!!!), and also one of my favourite things, our P&R – which is now hung on our stairs, was made with the plan to display it in the house after.

These were just paper mache letters from Hobbycraft which I sprayed gold. Easy.


I also used the gold spray paint on some frames from a several charity shops…I do love a rummage…. which held all the homemade-in-Word signage on our big day, giving our guests information such as seating, photography, guest book info and all that malarky. The frames have all been reused and are now hanging on our wall with our wedding photos in them. Super special.

I got the idea below from….you guessed it….Pinterest!

Rope in friends and have a folding/cutting/sewing party a month or two before the big day. I took my tissue paper to work and taught the kids how to make tissue paper pompoms for their bedrooms in return for some being folded for my wedding box! I also roped in a few girls for a Disney film and more folding at a later date. We had a helluva lot of pompoms on the day, but I loved them….and apparently so did my guests….I don’t think we threw a single one away…they were all rehomed!

This post shows how you make them….they are so easy!

I hope this post has been helpful….I realise it’s been a bit piece-y but decor is such a reflection of your own taste and style, all i can say is create, creat, create and ASK FOR HELP!

Be sure to check out everything in the ‘How We Wed’ section by clicking the button in the sidebar! YAAAAAY!



One response to “How To: Scrimp & Save on your Big Day: Decor

  1. Im a big fan of these pompoms, Ive been making them for years (about 35 or so). We learnt how to make them at Girls Brigade out of tissues, (as they are smaller they look like carnations) and decorated the ends of the pews with them for our leaders wedding! Ive also made them in green, red and gold and used them to decorate Xmas pressies with.
    There are some brilliant ideas here that could easily be adapted for any kind of family celebration, I reckon you did a wonderful job pidgey. Well done. :o)

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